Have you lost your direction in life?
Doubts about the meaning of what you are doing?

You have an inner "CEO"

All successful companies formulate their Vision and their Mission, sometimes termed as Business Plan, Our Vision, Our Core Idea or similar expressions.

The successful CEO makes sure that each and every employee knows this by heart, that each one sympathizes with it, talks about it, so that the Vision and Mission Statements are communicated, in each contact the company has with the world and with its customers.

You have a "CEO" within, and your "co-workers" are everything making up who you are: your body, your brain, your heart, your psyche with all its subpersonalities, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Your Inner CEO needs a "Business Plan"

But, sometimes we are not in contact with our Inner CEO, and we have therefore limited control of our life, we are not sufficiently aware of what we really want deep inside, what we really want to achieve, what deeper meaning we want our life to have.

To become aware, we sometimes need a structured process, in which we can, step by step, approach clarity about our Vision for our life and to become clear about how to actualize this Vision.

In order to make this clarity stay, in order to make it grow into an inner conviction, and in order to make you able to communicate this conviction to others, you can use the course My Mission from PsychosynthesisForum.com. In this course, you will be led in a process for formulating your Vision and for formulating what you intend to do to get there - your Mission Statement.

By doing this, you can achieve the following:

* Your Vision will arouse your passion for what you are doing, and you will, like the bees, hum whilst working, or when you are occupied by your activities or enterprise.

* Your Mission Statement will be your Inner Compass. It will give you the feeling of always knowing inside whether you are on the Right Path for you, and it will lead you back to it if and when you have come onto a path which is not yours, a path that does not lead you to you Life Goals.

* Your declared Vision and Mission Statement will inspire others, and you will get the help and the support you need.

So, the conclusion of this article is:

To get a feeling of meaningfulness, we all need some kind of vision for our life. But, in order to avoid that this vision is not idle daydreaming, we need to act. In order to act in an efficient and coherent way, we need an action plan. For this plan to work, it needs not only refer to the vision itself - it needs to refer to what needs to be done, what the Mission is that we want to accomplish.

To formulate a concise Mission Statement, and to communicate it to others, is a very efficient way of actualizing your Vision, so that you can live a passionate life.

Author's Bio: 

Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis Therapist, has worked as a therapist and as a life coach for more than twenty years. Out of his clienty work, he has developed a large number of on-line e-courses for selfgrowth.

Lars has worked as a therapist since 1992, and has also 30 years of experience from the corporate world, the last 10 years in upper management roles.

He has diplomas from The Psychosynthesis Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, as Psychosynthesis Therapist (1992) and Psychosynthesis Supervisor (2004).
He also has a background as MSc in quantum physics and a MA in Project Management.