The symptoms of prostatitis are frequent urination, urination urgency, urination pain and terminal hematuria, accompanied by lumbosacral, perineal area and thigh medial discomfort.

In addition, the patient also is accompanied by waist pain, lower abdomen and the perineal area may feature a sense of distention, as well as decreased libido, spermatorrhea, etc.

Scrapping therapy is a common way to treat prostatitis, which has the functions of relieving pain, removing toxin, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, adjusting Yin and Yang, and enhancing immunity. Scrapping can relieve inflammation and pain in patients with prostatitis and promote recovery.

Acupoint selection: both sides of the spine, lumbosacral coccyx and both sides, lower abdomen, groin area, buttocks, medial femoral area and flexural knee area.

The scraping method: First on both sides of the spine (from the large vertebra to the long and strong), gently scrape 3 lines until red, then focus on scraping the lumbosacral coccyx and both sides 5 lines, until the appearance of a scrapping print. And then scrape the buttocks, lower abdomen, groin area, medial femoral area and knee flexural area. Once a day, five times for one course of treatment.

Indications include acute and chronic prostatitis. With long-term use, the patient can receive better curative effect. Combined with other therapies, the results will be even better. For example, 50 grams of gentian, 30 grams of earthfuling, 30 grams of talc, 10 grams of acacia catechu were used for acute treatment, and the powder was thoroughly ground.

Every 20 to 30 grams were taken, and the powder was applied to Shenque point and Guanyuan point with wax gourd juice or honey evenly mixed into a cake shape, and the dressing was changed once a day. Besides, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is also suggested, which can eliminate not only the symptoms but also cure the root causes. The effect is working on the whole tissue system.

The treatment can expose the skin, and the skin sweat holes will be opened and released during the treatment. The cold can enter directly from the open pores, which will affect the therapeutic effect of the treatment and easily cause new diseases. Therefore, before scrapping, the patient should choose a good treatment place with fresh air circulation, and pay attention to keeping warm and avoiding the cold wind.

Scrapping tools must be strictly disinfected to prevent cross infection. Check the scrapping tool carefully before swabbing to avoid scratching the skin. The performer's hands should also be disinfected. Before scrapping, it is necessary to explain the general knowledge of scrapping to the patient, eliminate the patient's fear, and obtain the patient's trust to avoid dizziness and scratching.

Do not perform scrapping treatment under the condition that the patient is too hungry, too full or too nervous.

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