Have you ever received a BIG VISION? An inspiration from Spirit that you felt compelled to bring into fruition? Have you ever worked really hard to create something beautiful? Have you ever poured your heart and soul into something that you were really deeply passionate about? Have you ever failed?

What happens when you fail? What happens when you feel like you are quite literally at the end of your rope? When you feel like you've risked it all and you are about to lose it? What do you think this does to your soul, to your Spirit, to your capacity for joy and play, spontaneity and lightness of being? What happens to your Spirit when all that you have worked for is suddenly and mysteriously removed from your grasp?

Letting go and surrendering is probably the most challenging thing that can be asked of us. Life is such a paradox - work towards your goals and dreams! Take action!! Do what you are called to do!! Then let go, surrender, release, and say goodbye. Sometimes you just don't know whether you are coming or going.

Behind it all though there is a DIVINE Plan. Your soul does in fact know exactly what it is doing - each experience is there specifically to bring you a lesson and a gift. Can you find it? Can you let go of your own sadness, gyrations, machinations and drama creation to stop, breathe, listen, rest in the stillness and believe?

If you can find one thing - just one thing to be grateful for - You can WALK!! You can breathe on your own!! You have friends and other people who care for you! You have a brain that can think and create! You live on the sunny side of the street, the shady side of the street, it's raining, it's snowing, it's autumn, the flowers are blooming... Something - find something and just focus all your attention on that one thing that you are grateful for - allow that feeling of gratitude that feeling of open hearted wonder to come in and slowly but steadily fill you up.

Today I am grateful for more than a few things -

1 - I can write

2 - I can walk

3 - I can see

4 - I can hug

5 - I can dream

6 - I can breathe on my own

7 - I can feel (emotionally and physically)

That's enough for now - I could make the list go on and on. I was feeling sad and discouraged when I started this post - but now - just taking the time to re-focus I'm feeling so much better. I have a big event that I've been working really diligently on all summer that's happening in a few weeks - I'm at another speedbump in the road on the event - no one seems to be interested. I have to decide - do I keep spending money on creating something that no one wants? Am I not being patient enough? Have I made a big mistake in putting almost all my eggs in this one basket? Could I, should I do something else? Have I strayed from my path and come to a dead end?

Let's get back to gratitude shall we? One of the things I am really grateful for is that I've been blessed to work with some amazing people to shift their own patterns of behavior and to reclaim a clear vision of what their next steps are on their own personal path. Whether it's a path of entrepreneurship where they are taking their passion out into the world in greater and more authentic ways or a decision to let their gifts shine through in other ways - the people who I've been blessed to serve have always brought such brilliance, courage and beauty into my life. To be a sacred witness is a holy thing. Another thing that I'm grateful for.

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