India is blessed with many perennial rivers and thus the lakes adjoining forming a water body for the local habitat in the hoods, makes you remember of you native, exactly in the same way the lakeside camping will drive your spirit into the wild to have fun adventures beside the daily routine.

One of the most exciting features of Maharashtra is the number of dams built across rivers and the adjoining reservoirs making it liable for flora and fauna of the Western Ghats

You must definitely hear of Western Ghats and the Sahyadri ranges of basalt rocks. Lying in the vicinity of the famous Pawna Lake in Pune district of Maharashtra. Located along the NH48 in midst of the Lonavala and Khandala ghats provides the best location for camping near Pune. 25 km from Lonavala at an elevation of 2310ft above the mean sea level with suitable calm weather and cool breeze. Camping near Lonavala is the one where every teenager and bachelors visit to make wonderful experiences of life.

You have ever heard when you decide of making a small trip the first place people speak is of the Khandala and Lonavala quick and in the vicinity, there will be no other option except for Lonavala! Being one of the best places for camping near Mumbai people come here to release their stress and the Breathe in the fresh air of the evergreen nature.

You must be tired staying in hotels and perfect accommodation locations then it’s a better option to step out of the four walls and live in the warmth of the tents in no organization system of nature still making you feel the same peace and care you always strive for. The Pawna Lake is 25km long on the river Pawna various camping spots with you in the middle of the mountains enjoying the sip of tea and coffee; this will definitely woo your senses and make you say this is the life you always wanted! Pawna River making a reservoir over the dam is one of the best adventures of Pawna dam camping.

Just imagine yourself far away from busty life and enjoying a sunset with your cup of tea, mesmerizing isn’t it?

Pawna Lake Camping the evergreen valley that always has the same weather and the temperature throughout the year giving you many reasons to escape and rejuvenate yourself. Being the hotspot of diversity Camping at Bhandardara will give you the same experience that you ever thought that you would enjoy in North India camping.

You must be thinking what we will do at camping sight just sit and enjoy the scenery?

No. the Pawna camping provides with various activities that you can do as these merry mountains also have large plains for you to wander. This includes sports activities in groups’ tug a war, go fishing if one wishes to, paragliding and the most famous is the Pawna Lake boating to Rome along the whole lake. Most suitable for elderly and small children boat rides are the water bodies favourite.

And what else for others?

There are many trekking points to explore when you visit the pawna lake as the Lohgad fort, Vissapur fort, Tikkona fort the visit to Ambey valley, Korigad fort, and many other forts that are the travellers love. Also Camping at Prabalmachi is the nearest camping site in Lonavala. Making a visit during the monsoon season will make you see new blooming flora out of the dry soil when the thirst of the mother earth is quenched and she flourishes in the boom.

And you must also be thinking what else is to see in Pawna and Lonavala?

There are countless number of sights whichever you wish to see, such as the Karle caves and Bhaja caves used for meditating of Buddhism practicing people, along it is the Ekvira Aai temple the local deity yet worshipped all over Maharashtra. The famous lion point tiger point shooting sights if film industries and the most mighty Sahyadri’s. The lavish green vegetation in the valley is one of the iconic places of this incredible India!

What do you think what is time?

Pawna lake camping been affordable to every common individual and celebrating our life with our loved ones is what we all need. To sit around the bonfire share the fantasies making dare games and enjoying the wild human side, the amber pink sky that will romanticize your mood and the gazing of the twinkling sky making you rhyme your nursery poems. The sher-o-shayaris and many songs. Waking up to the dawn of the chirping birds and cold morning’s hot breakfast, the happiness is just beyond the imagination. Pawna Lake also carries many summer camp activities for all age groups as well as school children. the safest and yet most thrilling camping site of India, so it’s not the time to think whether to go or no if it has crossed your path make sure you take time and escape into this beautiful nature in your vicinity.

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Aman Sadh is a passionate travel and tourism author. He lover visiting new places and often seeks for challenging adventures for fun.