I have, and I tried it many times and failed and wondered why.

Look, I know in the coaching world, there’s tremendous focus on insight, the ‘codes’ and transcending away your challenges through meditation, leading with soul and other spiritual methods.

They’re not bad methods in and of themselves. I like many of them, a lot! Do you?

And yet, contrary to what you’ve been told by other love mentors, that these methods are everything, that that’s all you need for your relationship, that if you just get with your soul and everything else flows, THIS is really what you have to do instead.

If you want the real abundance that is promised to you, you HAVE GOT TO ground all these wonderful methods DEEP into your body and nervous system. One at a time. Ground up approach. Does that land for you?

And honestly, the world of healing, coaching, therapy and spiritual work doesn’t even come close to integrating this yet, so I want you to release any self blame or inner judgment - It’s truly not your fault. Please?

The real impoverishment is not being TRULY grounded in all places. And then innocent people, full of good intentions try implementing things, and then wonder why it's not exactly translating really well.

But you know what? It’s learnable. And with the way I work, it happens very quickly. Let me show you what I mean.

Just yesterday, a client was blaming herself for not being evolved enough in her relationship. She had tried all the things the industry told her to do; mindset work, cognitive therapy, breathwork, NLP, meditation and coaching. She felt like a failure.

Within minutes of us sensing into her throat and shoulder areas (her sensitive spots) space opened, constriction released, voice had access, and she could breathe fully for the first time in her whole life.

Micro attunement to the subtle shifts in presence, flow, space and being all taking place and more of these qualities opening. Answers about her relationship being EFFORTLESSLY revealed and grounding happening in the most important areas for her, her voice - so she could make actual use of all the resources she had.

Finally, she felt grounded - and after the session said she felt like a river of water had cleared away the cobwebs over her voice and helped her feel like she had landed in herself.

Grounded, clear, resourced in her body, able to return there any time, space inside her shoulders, flow inside her voice, ease in heart and it WASN’T AN IDEA. It was for real grounded - the thing she had been missing.

Wouldn’t you like that for yourself?

And then all the real integration could happen DEEP INTO HER MARRIAGE, from spiritual work, from coaching, from medicine journey’s, coaching, and all the other modalities you’ve invested in.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to the coaching world, the yoga world and the spiritual world if this missing KEY was integrated? The greater shifts that would be possible would be beyond EPIC.

Now THAT, is seriously soul shifting, life-changing, and beyond the beyond.

This is exactly what I do and the magic I create with my clients.

If you are interested I have two spots open.

Send me a message.

Author's Bio: 

My heart and soul are on fire with walking with couples and those on the relationship journey, very often soulmates, create sustainable and soul satisfying sex, love and closeness with my S.U.B.L.I.M.E. ™ process that blends profound intuition with simplicity, elegance and root trauma clearing technology to regenerate the real knots of the couples journey with ease and joy (yes, it can be delightful.)

Known as The Intimacy Alchemist, and Creator of Soul-Satisfying Love, Sex and Closeness', Joanna turns 30 years & 30,000 hours of counseling practice into a simple system that helps couples bring back the loving they enjoyed as newlyweds… in as little as 2-3 weeks! Combining Non-Linear Movement, The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop, Secure Attachment and extensive Trauma expertise, she offers sessions, workshops, and retreats supporting individuals and couples locally and worldwide.