A nursing career is one of the most sought-after vocation for most young generation these days simply because it is a higher paying job and also because it has many benefits. For the past five years the actual salary of nurse practitioners have increased and that is also one of the reasons why many individuals have been thinking of switching careers and be the Accelerated Nursing. There is actually a higher demand for nurses in the country and it is such a unfortunate fact that our country cannot meet the popular for capable nurses that we have to delegate Asian nurses. Of course we are more than happy to possess them but how about us? Aren't we capable of caring for our fellow countrymen? Are we not happy to be able to serve our people? Is there really a have to outsource foreign nurse practitioners?

The economic theory that wage changes can bring supply and demand in to balance, and thus rectify shortages, predicts that the increases in RN income we are seeing right now will end the RN shortage in the near future. Certainly, nurse shortages have happened cyclically over the past sixty many typically vanish with little intervention by policymakers. However, many observers insist that this lack is different from those in the past, and thus concerted efforts must be designed to avert a long-term crisis. The primary reason cited for why this shortage is different is that large numbers of nurses are forecasted to retire over the next twenty years, and there is not really a sufficient inflow of new RNs to replace them.

Many things in life are not all about money. Actually, there are so many things in life that is more of providing our self via service to other people for the betterment of the neighborhood and for the whole country. But come to think of it; being a nurse is much like shooting 2 birds in 1 rock. You get to help other people and at the same time you are earning big time!

For the cyclical model, we think that wage growth is around two percentage points lower than the percentage of Accelerated BSN the work market is short. We use the coefficient of our regression formula with a four-year lag to estimate the effect associated with wage changes upon graduation changes.

An additional factor that can help raise a nurse's salary may be the job performance. Nurse practitioners who are always absent or late may never have the chance to ask for a raise. While people who work hard and who are always punctual while doing their best every single day can expect to have a raise.

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