With changing times modern science with its logic convinces laymen about its benefits hence in its place why accept austerities, self control, spirituality etc which from the standpoint of spirituality, theism and righteousness maybe praiseworthy yet when tested for immediate benefits they fail miserably?

The new logic of new times right from criminals, willful people to thinkers who think only that which is in vogue seems apt on an equal footing and seems correct in imbibing it as a belief then why should not everyone accept it? Why not walk in that direction? The thinker Nietchze had vehemently proclaimed that in this era of logic God existing on the basis of ancient belief is dead. Now he has been buried so deeply that that in future one should not wait for God to manifest again. With reference to religion, majority of intellectuals who believe in tangible proof only say that it is like a pill of cannabis which asks the weak to keep enduring oppression and also asks them not to open their mouths against torture. Along with this it makes unethical and vile people fearless so that in this world via shrewdness and cunningness they can carry out those demeaned tasks which are unlawful. If the question of heaven is obstructive it is that much easier to bypass it. By offering worship to some demigod/goddess or performing some religious rite one can easily save oneself from the punishment of sins. If so cheaply one can ward off the results of sins executed, the road is very clear. Thus merrily one can act as per ones whims and fancies. And suppose there are chances of facing harsh fruits of one action, immediately perform some cheap religious ritual and thus overcome punishment.

Time’s flow along with scientific advancement is giving assent to tangible proof only. The fact remains that those who include topics like religion and spirituality in their discussions, in their own day to day living behave like unrighteous and atheist people. When we delve a bit deep into the lives of religious leaders and those who wave flags of religion it becomes clear that majority of them are selfish and it comes within the boundary of unrighteousness. In a sense vanity, pomp and sense of showing off is a type of atheism else those who praise the importance of theism and religiosity must be true to their word both within and without. For many, religion is a façade so as to benefit selfishly by eye washing others. They do not believe that God metes out justice and is all pervasive. If this were not the case those who say they are religious would not imbibe unwholesome thinking and activities. Hence so called religious people and atheists virtually sail in the same boat.

This situation is terrible. If those material comforts which have been given to us by scientific research remained out of reach for us we too like our ancestors would have lived a life of simple living, high thinking and full of peace. Majority of Rishis, great leaders, thinkers and men of penance have lived lives of hardships and lack yet their lives both materially and spiritually was not painful. It is a fact that in comparison to today’s so called rich and prosperous people; they lived a life of more joy, peace and progressiveness. They joyously carved such an environment which can be called a Golden Era and which we all today wish to regain today.

The class of people who have augmented comforts and means of modern science have also created many bases for powerful people to benefit more and more. There is no doubt about this. On noting the external pomp it appears in today’s times science has produced many comforts. But when one cogitates over its other aspect the scene is bang opposite. The number of prosperous, powerful and shrewd people is very less. The material comforts designed by modern science generally is in their hands. Whatever they hoard has not come down from heaven but has been snatched from those who are poor and weak and looked down upon by the rich as demeaned. This is called gift of science, era influence and age of development. For augmenting riches of few the poor have been demeaned and hence great thinkers wonder whether actually the world is ‘progressed’ or not? Behind this is there a shrewd plan to let major world humanity remain poor, weak and downtrodden?

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