Who invented the “telephone” device? Do you have an answer? Well, the question was not asked in any general knowledge Olympiad, but certainly it would be hard to get an answer for the same after a decade or so. Citing the statistics penetration of Facebook as published by DreamGrow, a leading media research company, in different countries like Venezuela-83.15, Albania-79.71, US-62.23, Peru-55.02, and others, there is no doubt in accepting the fact. The portal has mitigated the distance between people and businesses, and the most important- it offers the real-time communication platform in an interactive way that was not possible in the conventional modes.

Anticipating the requirement or expectation of this 900-million family (current user-base as of May 2012), Facebook Support has incorporated all sorts of support options. Whether you need help regarding the Facebook basics that includes sign-up, account settings, privacy settings, and deploying or managing features like Timeline, Facebook Music, harnessing apps like Foodspotting, Foodily, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, TripAdvisor, and others, or even to market your business on the channel, you will find the information on the support portal effective and helpful. It aims to pamper the online community with seamless connectivity.

Apart from setting up and configuring features, Facebook help can be obtained to address various issues related to the account. Being a member of the Facebook family for long, you might have gone through issues like Facebook blocked/scammed/compromised, which are the most distracting. The problems meddle with integrated features like photos, videos, chat, messages, video calling, games and apps, payments, search, notifications, events, and more. The portal is a real abode of knowledgebase, and will help you to diagnose and fix issues on your own.

If you are disgruntled, and don’t know what to do, its worth to cling towards any third-party technical support providers, which can resolve the prevalent issues remotely in a fair manner. Their experts need remote access of your system to diagnose and fix any related issues. They can visualize the Facebook account settings, and various integrated/dependent settings related to browser, firewall, security software, router and more to understand the background causes. Once, you suspect that the system is under the influence of viruses; spyware and malware don’t take a rest, instead demand a malware scan of your system. They may use either some standard virus removal tool from third-party vendors like AVG, Kaspersky, Symantec, or may perform the task manually by exploring through the Windows Event Viewer, registry settings, etc.

Do you think calling Facebook help number is the only way out? If yes, you may be wrong. Being responsible users, you can do a lot, and your approach matters a lot. How come? Change privacy settings so that unauthorized or those who are not friends or connected with you don’t have the access to the information what you share. Change the level of privacy that suits you the best. Think before posting, don’t put anything whether its pictures, comments, and blog. Share publically only that information that you wouldn't mind having other people see. Be wary of strangers, specifically if your kids do have a Facebook account. Educate kids to choose quality over quantity; his friend selection is a pivotal thing. Tell him to block suspected persons. Create a Facebook password as per the recommended specifications so that it can’t be easily deciphered. Thus, you can make maximum of the social networking site, with the least or no associated security risks.

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Kelly is a senior pc help representative at Techvedic. She has received recognition for delivering effective Facebook help number to overseas clients. She is an avid writer as well, exploring Facebook help and Support services so as to ease Facebook fans from technical issues.