Menstruation is an important feature that reflects a woman's physical condition. Abnormal menstruation is often a sign of a certain disease. Infertility experts suggest that female friends should develop the habit of recording their own menstrual cycle, if there are menstrual irregularities for more than two months, it is better to get checked in time. If irregular menstruation is accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be a symptom of blocked fallopian tubes.

With the aggravation of the disease, there will be a variety of symptoms in patients, and different types of tubal blockage have different symptoms. In general, it usually involves irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, sexual pain, leucorrhea and the like.

Physiologically, fallopian tubes and ovaries are adjacent, and general fallopian tube disease does not affect ovarian function and the menstrual volume. However, if there are the fallopian tube inflammation and blockage, it will be more likely to involve the ovaries, and make ovarian function damaged. The female patient often shows menstrual maladjustment, mainly the frequent menstruation and excessive menstruation. These problems are basically concerned with pelvic congestion and ovarian dysfunction.

In addition, abdominal pain is an early sign of blocked fallopian tubes. Especially, the lower abdomen pain, lower back pain, painful swelling of the sacrum are more common, and the pain is mostly invisible bulge distension, especially distinct after fatigue. If left untreated, it will be likely to make the bladder and rectum filled with pain or empty gradually, and lead to other symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urinary bladder and rectal irritation.

Warm tips for females.

Blood stasis dysmenorrhea caused by pelvic congestion is also very common, and most patients will have abdominal pain a week before menstruation. The closer the menstrual period is, the more severe pain symptoms can be, which will be relieved until the threshold of menstruation. Females should pay more attentions to these problems, and early treatment can effectively achieve good improvement. Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is often suggested to patients with tubal problems like blocked fallopian tubes.

It is a pure Chinese medicine product that contains no side effects and does not cause drug resistance. It can effectively eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, improve menstruation, enhance body immunity, enrich blood and nourish the body, which is very good for female health.

During the treatment, women should also pay more attention to personal hygiene, receive regular physical examinations and follow doctors' advice. Don't take medicine at will and don't eat unhealthy food without restraint. The importance of a healthy diet for women, especially those who need to conceive, is self-evident. Your diet is responsible for two and more lives. Don’t underestimate it.

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