Are you currently dating, or about to start dating? Then you absolutely need to listen to this new episode of the Get Sex-Smart podcast. Dr. Valeria Chuba and sex coach Sarah Martin share expert tips and strategies on how to have a great first date. This includes: choosing the right location for your date; how to dress and present yourself; what to say and how to behave to make a great - and genuine - first impression; how to get a read on your date; safety tips; and other do's and don'ts.


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Valeria Chuba, PhD, MS, ACS is a board certified Clinical Sexologist and a Sexual Confidence Coach. In addition to hosting the Get Sex-Smart podcast, Dr. Valeria is the Official Guide to Sexuality for She offers coaching, online workshops, and live events for women, men, and couples. Dr. Valeria's approach is focused on sex and body positivity and empowerment. She helps her clients overcome their sexual and relationship roadblocks, build their self-confidence, and grow into the passionate, vibrant individuals they were always meant to be.