These days, Virtual Reality (VR) has been a hot topic amongst mobile phone users. It is nothing but a simulated experience, which either can be similar to the real world or completely different. There are many devices available in the market, which provide the VR experience. There are VR apps available, which are used for purposes like education and entertainment.

There are so many VR apps available for the iPhone in Apple's app store. All the credits go to the expert iPhone app development companies, that are moving towards developing the VR apps.

To experience the virtual reality on your iPhone, all you need to have is a VR headset. There are many VR headsets for iPhone available in the market. VR headsets are essential to use VR apps on the iPhone.
In case you are also looking for a right VR app for your iPhone to experience the VR adventure, I have brought up this article about the top VR apps for your iPhone, for your consideration.

So, let us begin:


It is the best option if you want a limitless VR experience on your iPhone. It offers an exciting VR feature that is a 360-degree video feature. This feature has become very popular since youtube has launched it. With the help of this, you can experience how it feels to be in the album video of your favorite artist and much more exciting things.

Google Cardboard

Google can never lack behind when it comes to any new technology. Google, not only has built VR apps, but also has designed Google Cardboard headsets which provide an immense amount of experience in the VR technology world. This VR app is intuitive and user-friendly, it guides how you can set up the Headset on your iPhone. IT offers five types of Virtual Reality experience. It enables you to experience the kind of Virtual reality adventure the way you expect. This app helps you experience and explore places all around the world. In a mood of visiting Statue of liberty? well, with the help of this app, you fulfill your wish.


This app is the result of innovative ideas and journalism. this app is used to tell a story in a way that people watching it can experience how the real crises around the world. It focuses on videos about the places you have heard of but can not go. This app does that for you, it records the life of people around the world in massive crises, to let you experience how the real situation feels like. I believe, with the help of more such apps, the world of news will experience a massive change.

Discovery VR

This app is definitely for Discover channel lovers, it offers many VR videos for your iPhone. It has some really good quality and content video like about Shark's life. It enables you to experience the wonders of nature and you can closely look at the animals, which you will not go to in real life. Also, this app is completely free for the iPhone.

Wrapping up with the VR apps for iPhone

With this, I wrap up the article on the same. I hope it has been informative for you and helped you understand the concept of VR apps. VR technology has gone under many changes since the past years. iPhone app developers are continuously working on figuring out more and more ways in which VR technology can benefit them. VR apps have soared to the new heights, with the advancement with time. VR apps allow you to experience how it would feel to fully be immersed in something. The above-discussed VR apps for iPhone are capable of providing you the experience of the VR technology world. So, go ahead and try them.

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Rakesh is a technical geek and holds a keen interest in mobile app development technologies, especially the iPhone app development. He has implemented different techniques to enhance in-app experiences for end-users.