Summer is finally here! If you are a student, that means you have three months to relax and unwind before going back to school. Sadly that’s not the case if you’re in the working field, you still have to attend work every day.Working constantly without taking time for yourself can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. Everyone deserves a break sometimes.

Thankfully there are weekends to enjoy your time off and relax. When you’re constantly busy with work, children and family, sometimes all you want to do is chill and stay home. Even though students have three months of summer vacations, sometimes all we want to do is stay home. That’s why this summer I recommend having a “stay-cation” at home! Put your phone on do not disturb, rent your favorite movie, buy your favorite snacks, and relax. If you want to take your “stay-cation” to the next level, use the Mobile Styles app.

What is Mobile Styles?

Mobile Styles is the leading on-demand Beauty & Health app in the U.S. It delivers talented professionals (PROs) to you anytime, anywhere! The app’s amazing PROs offer the following: Barber, Braids, Color, Eyelash extensions, Hairstyles, Makeup services, Massage, and 100+ services for you to select from at the tap of your fingertips. The best thing about Mobile Styles is that the PROs come to you! Whether you are a client looking for on-demand services at home, in the office, or outdoors, the Mobile Styles PROs attention to detail and customer satisfaction are only a tap away.

Mobile Styles is also an affordable app that can provide self-care at the tip of your fingers. The app itself often offers discounts for new users so they can save money. Mobile Styles is a big advocate for promo codes as well, just keep a lookout in your email for these great deals!

Rep in the benefits!

Stay in this summer and enjoy the benefits Mobile Styles has to offer you! That could be a facial, or maybe even a pedicure. The options are endless. The best part is that you don’t have to sit in that summer traffic.

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Mobile Styles, the leading on-demand Beauty & Health app in the U.S.

Barber, Braids, Color, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Stylist, Kids Haircut, Makeup, Massage, Nails, Skin Care, Tanning, Threading, Twists, Waxing, Weaves and more than 100+ services to choose from! Clients nationwide can register with Mobile Styles and order a beauty service to their home, office, hotel and any location and a Mobile styles Licensed and Background Checked Professionals will arrive and performed the chosen service.

At the time or ordering the glam service the client can upload examples of what they look for via our show and tell feature. Mobile Styles offers services for events such as hair and makeup for brides and brides maids and any other event that requires 1 or more cosmetologists or hairstyles. Mobile Styles App works also for corporate world allowing corporations to offer the perk of beauty or relaxation to their employees in the office.

Clients and Beauty Professionals satisfaction is our goal. Within this on demand economy we make sure that the spa day or massage day or glam squad comes to you instead of you reserving an appointment at the salon and spending traffic time.