Five years ago, my sister was diagnosed with second stage bone cancer. It was so sudden that we were shaken to our core. One day, you are carrying on with your daily life, and the next day you look for a reputable cancer hospital the next. These are not two sides of a coin, but two very different coins.

As laymen, we faced a lot of confusion regarding the treatment procedure- which hospital to select, on what basis should you choose a cancer treatment facility, etc. Trust me, there were as many questions in my mind as you have in yours now. More than scared, we were doubtful whether our decision was correct or not. But all the confusion ceased to exist once we came across the reviews. If you are going through the same dilemma in choosing the best institution for your loved one, you should check the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi reviews.

After reading such encouraging real-life experiences, my family and I were eager to visit the hospital and research about it in person. And you wouldn't believe it was worth all our efforts.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) is undoubtedly one of the top cancer treatment facilities one can find in India. The vision of the institute itself promises to provide oncology care of international standards and at affordable rates. The institute epitomizes quality, ethics, compassion, and respect, the core values of the hospital. One can witness the institution living up to those very well.

When my sister was admitted to the hospital, we were quite scared and unaware of her condition, in-depth. We had also laid eyes on Rajiv Gandhi's doctor's reviews before finalizing the choice. To our fortune, the doctors and the staff were always there to support us emotionally and prepare us mentally for further treatment.

The medical staff is highly qualified- from nurses to doctors; each one is well aware of not only the medical field but also how to deal with the patients and their families. Dr Burani, Dr Gauri Kapoor and the entire team is extremely hardworking.
They are all well-experienced oncologists, and the few names mentioned above are related to orthopaedic oncology. You can easily find excellent doctors for different kinds of cancer under this healing roof.

As stated before, we had gone through Rajiv Gandhi's doctor's reviews, and though they were mainly positive. However, sometimes there remains a part of you that is open to doubtfulness and second thoughts. That's why we decided to see the institution, get to know about it, the facilities, the medical staff, the technology, history, and success rate in person. And that is what I will suggest to you.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital was definitely the right choice we made for my sister. RGCIRC's doctors are a blessing to those in real need of a miracle. They gave my sister a second chance at life and also to our entire family. Any amount of gratitude will always be less compared to their dedication and obligation to serve humanity.

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Eliza Berry is a professional healthcare blogger who loves to create content and add value to the readers.