Filling up a vacancy took many months when job boards and applicant tracking systems were not around. But now, traditional methods are no longer a part of the recruitment process. There are new methods available to engage candidates to find the perfect fit.

Yes, right! The face of recruitment is changing gradually.

Twenty years back, nobody could imagine the functionality of the solutions we have today to acquire talent. Similarly, the future will be different from what we are practicing right now. But what lies ahead in the future?

It is amazing to see how technology can judge a candidate accurately and promote data-driven hiring decisions. As a result, there is less dependency on a paper resume.

Is this the End of Resume?

Recruiters always mention that finding the right candidate just by looking at the resume is tough. Some candidates are not good with language, while some have the habit of padding resumes. That’s the reason most recruiters give a vote for the saying ‘death of the resume’.

The recruitment industry is now paying attention to data-driven hiring models.

Here are a few points to discuss. Lets me show you through this quick list:

Recruitment through Blockchain
Blockchain has given birth to a new business model, which is built on technology rather than dependence on people as intermediaries. This is what makes blockchain a valuable tool for the recruitment industry. Blockchain technology will change the HR scenario because it can be used to solve a fundamental challenge of finding the right fit during the screening and hiring of new employees.

Talking about the benefits, it reduces the amount of repetitive financial and legal paperwork. Also, blockchain gives immediate and valuable insights into the employees' records, which show their advancement and therefore, better employee experience opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment
Organizations are trying to have more powerful HR strategies, and it is exciting for them to adapt and learn different AI tools and techniques proficiently. AI has not only simplified the recruitment process but also transformed the way HR works while hiring.

You might want to know how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing Human Resources.

Resume Parser is one of the tools which extracts data from the candidate’s resume and makes the information available in data fields. Hire smarter and make candidate selection automated using this incredible solution.
Semantic Match provides similar matches for job descriptions and resumes. For example, when a candidate does not join your organization, you have to shortlist the resumes again and finalize a candidate. But with semantic match, you get instant recommendations for a specific resume. This saves your time in shortlisting a candidate.
Enrichment allows you to enrich your candidate data with verified details such as email ID, social details, phone number, etc. With a one-time integration, get access to unlimited apps or services at one place.

The Concept of Digital Resumes
These resumes have online or cloud-based consumption platforms. Whenever a candidate learns new skills, it is updated in the resume. The hiring managers can assess the actual capabilities of the candidate through data shown in the form of graphs and badges.

While we already see advanced data-driven recruitment solutions in practice, the world is waiting for more innovations to experience. The next frontier will be automated skill and Personality test, which will be the part of hiring pathway. These will not only select the best performing candidates in terms of scores but also provide a unique qualitative rating which incorporates performance characteristics, candidate character, and behavior tendency.

What are your thoughts on the future of hiring? Which new concepts and tools can reinvent the recruitment process in the coming years? Share with us.

Author's Bio: 

Vinay Johar is a CEO of Rchilli Inc, a leading resume parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process.