When it comes to relocating to a new place, most tenants spend sleepless nights thinking about how to impress property owners and leave their rental apartment in a pristine state. Bond cleaning may seem exciting and overwhelming to any amateur, but practically speaking, it’s tedious, time-taking and involves strenuous effort.

Unlike a standard house cleaning job, end of lease cleaning is way more detailed and requires professional skills and expertise. At the end of the agreement, all that property owners expect is to see their apartment in an immaculate condition and tenants who fail to meet their expectations, end up losing a significant portion of the bond money. Getting full refund is a matter of concern and for that, all you need to do is oblige by the tenancy agreement and resort to meticulous cleaning for creating that first and final impression!

Given below are the areas to pay special attention during bond cleaning to ensure your relocation becomes a pleasing experience, instead of chaotic and total fuss.

Clean Your Outdoors

When it comes to bond cleaning in Launceston, tenants mainly focus cleaning the indoors such as floors, walls, ceilings, appliances and upholstery but outdoors often go neglected. Keeping the outdoors pristine clean and spotless can create a positive impression in the mind of property owners during inspection and make it easier for you to secure full refund. Make sure you clean the garbage bins, remove trash from decks and patio, lawn, driveway and deep clean your gutters. All these counts when it comes to getting security money back and ensuring highest standards of cleaning eliminates the hassle of getting a re-cleaning order.

Remove Dirt from Window Sills, Doors & Walls

To impress property owners at the first instance, you should pay attention to the most overlooked areas such as window sills as dirt gets trapped inside and gives an unsightly appearance to the windows. Make sure the glass window surfaces are free of stains, scratches or spots as it can agitate property owners and make you lose a handsome portion of your bond money. Don't forget to give a thorough clean up to the window blinds as they are prone to collecting outside dirt quickly. Additionally, deep clean doors, walls, ceilings with the help of professional bond cleaners in Launceston and make your move seamless and hassle-free.

Make Bathroom & Laundry Area Spotless

Cleaning high-traffic areas such as kitchen, bathroom, hallways a week before the final move-out date can eliminate the last-minute chaos and make your relocation seamless and fuss-free. Bathroom floors and walls are the dirtiest places that harbour germs, bacteria and allergens. Cleaning dirt, grime and mould from bathroom tiles, grouts and walls will not just determine the amount of your bond refund but create a lasting impression in the minds of property owners. Professional end of lease cleaners in Launceston understand landlord’s requirements and use premium detergents for scrubbing toilet floors. They also remove dirt from grouts and ensure the best results.

Final Words!

The right approach towards and well-defined bond cleaning checklist can make your end of lease cleaning in Launceston hassle-free and help you secure full refund. If you find this post helpful, do share your feedback. We would love to hear from you.

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