Would you like to have a business hall built? Then you have come to the right place at Rapidset Metal Buildings. We have been specializing in metal buildings & business halls for 30 years. We build industrial metal buildings all over the World! When we make a business hall, metal workshop buildings, agricultural metal buildings, metal shop buildings, we work very strictly. It means that we even work in the United States, where the standards are very strict. Are you curious about our service? Then read on quickly!

Why Rapidset Metal Buildings?
Rapidset Metal Buildings was founded in 1992 by Larry Stevens. Over the years, the company has grown enormously. Our team currently consists of eight employees with a lot of experience in metal buildings, a business & a commercial hall. Rapidset has also built up an extensive network of external specialists over the years.

Our Twente common sense characterizes our corporate culture. It means that we are transparent and honest with our clients. Moreover, this also means that we stick to the agreements made.

What is involved in building a business hall?
Various factors come into play when building a metal storage building. Firstly, we will discuss with you what your wishes are for the hall. We can make a quotation for you based on your wishes. After that, a permit must, of course, be applied for at the municipality. If the permit has been approved, we can focus on building the hall.

Why have Rapidset Metal Buildings built a business hall?
Rapidset Metal Buildings has been a specialist in a metal storage building for 30 years. As a result, building a business hall is in good hands with us. The nice thing about our working method is that we communicate clearly with our customers and keep the lines short. As a result, you always know who to contact with questions or comments, and you are continuously informed of the project's progress. Thanks to the short lines of communication, you can pass on any changing wishes to us, to which we can respond quickly. This way, we ensure that we always build the hall that meets your needs.

We help you from start to finish.
We at Rapidset Metal Buildings find it important to help our customers well. We are very familiar with building a business hall, but we understand that it is often something for our customers that they have not had done before. That is why we guide you from start to finish. From the permit application at the municipality to delivery: we are always with you.

The best quality for the best price
At Rapidset Metal Buildings, you are assured of the best metal building kits prices & quality ratio. Moreover, we only work with the best materials. They give you not only the very best result but also a guarantee of no less than 30 years! That shows once again how much we have confidence in our halls.

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