In one of his presentations on "Your X factor", millionaire online marketer Jay Kubassek reveals the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. Kubassek comes from a unique background, having been raised in Canada -- in a communal religious farm. He left that community in 2001 to build a better life, with only limited funds and no real world business experience. Since then, he has become a respected author, speaker and business owner. In 2013, along with Stuart Ross, he set up Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) to help people become less dependant on the regular economy.

Know and Love Yourself

In his candid presentation, "Your X factor”, Kubassek explains how he used to be an introverted, insecure young man. However, he discovered how to leverage his inner qualities to defy the obstacles he faced, and become the successful person he is today. Perhaps you lack confidence, or find it hard to fit in with other people sometimes. These aspects of yourself, which you regard as shortcomings, are things that you may believe are preventing you from achieving success in life.

Nonetheless, Kubassek claims that these characteristics are actually your X factor. They are the secret to obtaining your perfect life. For people who have often felt isolated -- like they are inadequate and doomed to failure -- now is the time to eliminate that mentality.

Embrace Your Flaws

Many budding entrepreneurs believe that success in life and business depends on them achieving perfection. Kubassek refutes this and explains that you do not have to constantly improve yourself. Frequently, we focus on the gaps in our knowledge and skills. However, a successful entrepreneur will concentrate on what he/she can do, and use that as the basis to build their business. Kubassek claims that, from the moment you are born, you possess everything you require to lead a fulfilled, prosperous and independent life. Therefore, you already have the skills to obtain the success you desire.

Childhood Experiences

As child, Kubassek had a lot of drive, energy and passion, but he was regarded as an outsider by the adults. They saw him as a negative influence, because he inspired many other children to ask questions. He upset the narrow minded people who had settled for life as it was, and didn't want to believe that there could be anything more.

Kubassek's presentation aimed to help the audience understand their passions, and the best way to direct them. To find your X factor, you just have to embrace every aspect of yourself, and accept the person you are at the moment. By expressing your originality without restraint or apology, you will gain the leverage to articulate your business brand, and alter your life situation in a way that you never thought possible.

The "Your X Factor" presentation is essential viewing for anyone who believes that successful entrepreneurs have some kind of super power. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Entrepreneurs like Jay Kubassek are regular people, they have just trained themselves to think a little differently to everyone else.

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