Even though I am reading the Book of Urantia for the second time, it’s not any different to comprehend than the first time; especially the first section. Part One, I’m currently reading discusses God and the universe using certain terms and descriptions beyond my mindset. It wasn’t until I moved away from Part One and started into Part Two about Earth’s history was when the words from the text weren’t flying above my head.

As I started reading Part One, our Universal Father is described as the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. One should think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and finally as an infinite upholder. The truth about the Universal Father began to dawn upon mankind when the prophet said, “You, God, are alone; there is none beside you. You have created the heaven and the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts; you preserve and control them. By the Sons of God were the universes made. The creator covers himself with light as with a garment and stretches out the heavens as a curtain.”

Only the concept of the Universal Father---one God in the place of many gods---enabled mortal man to comprehend the Father as divine creator and infinite controller.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at