Whenever I gaze at an evening sky full of bright stars, as well as those not quite as bright, it’s truly an amazing sight! I can pretend to travel among those stars and pretend I wonder what I may find.

According to the BOOK, the myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many different types of intelligent creatures, beings who could know God, receive the divine affection, and love him in return. The universe of universes is the work of God and the dwelling place of his divine creatures. “God created the heavens and formed the Earth; he established the universe and created this world not in vain; he formed it to be inhabited.”

There are so many planets and those in the making, we could never count them all…they are endless. Just like other living species who dwelt among many. When I hear about the greys…there are so many more extraterrestrials than them. Why both to cover it up? Does it go against real religion, not the blind-sided, mind-fed ones? Of course, NOT! As long as man can be dominated by others, he’ll never be able to think outside the box. He’ll always be kept with blinders on and too afraid to take them off. If any extraterrestrials wanted to take over our planet or destroy it, they certainly would have by now. Or, it’s possible some wear disguise and are doing it in a very, calculated process and for reasons we can’t imagine? Evil does exist!

The reason I am referring to some as being “friendly” is that I have been rescued more than once from a dangerous, life-threatening situation.

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at