I hope everybody had a great holiday season. Were are back now and are going to be giving out great free advice and products to help you build your own internet business for 2012. There are going to be a lot of you out there just getting started this year, so if you are and you are reading this, before you do anything, you must start building email list. It is going to be your biggest money maker for the rest of your internet business life. So now you might be asking how do I build a list? Easy, here is what you will need start doing. First, go over to the PLR store and get a product that you will give away for free. Pick something in your niche, it can be anything you want. The when you have gotten your product, you will need to do a couple of other steps. Open up an email auto-responder account. Mail Chimp & Aweber are the best. Learn how to set up your auto responder, this is where you are going to email your free product to your customers, it is very easy, simply follow the video steps on your particular email service. Okay, the next step is a little trickier, you will need to create a new website called a “squeeze page” or “ capture page.”

You have probably seen them before, they usually are a one page site with a product and or video explaining that by simply inputting your email address and name you will receive this free gift. You will need somebody to create this for you. Simply go to Fiverr.com and look under squeeze page templates. There are web designers who will give you a pre made site that you can write anything you want in to fit your free product you got. Also use this site to have a video made. People love to see videos these days. Now you will need to marry this template video with your web hosting service and get a good URL name. When it comes to picking domain names simply pretend you’re the customer, what would you type in to find the free product your giving away? There is a lot more to keyword phrasing of course but right now, for this basic explanation, just go with your gut feeling. You can learn more in the Keyword Research section of this blog.

Okay, so now you have picked your domain name, had your video made up and gotten your squeeze page template. Put it with your hosting account. Now you are all set up. What happens is this, somebody lands on your email capture page, watches the video, likes what you are offering, gives you their email address and name, then your auto-responder sends out the free product to their email address. Now they are on your “sales list.” With your sales list you continue to give out a free product, or two every month then hit them with a sale. You do this over and over every month, forever. As your list grows so do your monthly sales, it can only go up! Treat your sales list like gold, because they are. Some basic rules with them. Send them an email at least twice per week. Do not worry if your emails are not some Earth shattering news or advice, try just sending them a “tip of the week type thing,” if you want. The main thing is just keep fresh and constant in their minds. For tips on fast ways to grow your sales list check out the “Email List Building” section of my blog. Here are those website to help you get started:

Here is an example of one of my top email capture sites:


Domain Names: GoDaddy.com
Fiverr.com: Squeeze Page Template
Fiverr.com: Video Creation
PLR Store: Free product to give away in exchange for emails
Products to Sell to the list: Clickbank.com

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