Happy Mother's Day 2021: Mother is the child's first teacher and friend. No creature in this world can be as powerful as a mother! ! She experienced unimaginable pain and gave us the gift of life that will never waver. She is the most powerful epitome of love, sacrifice and care.

A famous quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes sums up the eternal meaning of mothers: "Youth fades; love sags, friendship leaves wither; mothers' secret hopes never end."

When does India celebrate Mother's Day?
The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in India. This year there will be a celebration on Sunday, May 9.

On this day, we thank our mothers. Although mothers celebrate different days on different days, we express our love and gratitude to them.

In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in March to commemorate the Mother’s Church of the Christian Church on Mother’s Day.
In Greece, Mother’s Day is celebrated on February 2 and it is associated with the celebration of the Eastern Orthodox Church’s dedication of Jesus Christ in the church sanctuary.
On this day, people all over the world are celebrating this day and surprise their mother with gifts or take her on beautiful trips, but this year due to the pandemic, the celebrations will be different.

Mother's Day 2021: When will it be celebrated for the first time?
Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, who now owns the International Mother’s Day Shrine in the Mother’s Memorial of West Virginia. Therefore, Mother's Day is an occasion celebrated all over the world to show respect, honor and love to mothers.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes Messages Greeting From Daughter Son


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