If you’re American – and even if you’re not –
Happy Independence Day
I like the idea of Independence ;
Freedom - from tyranny not only in the global sense but also on a personal level.
Doesn’t it make you think ?
All those years ago when America declared itself independent from the British and then nearly a hundred years after that the abolition of slavery, how far have we come?
In some ways – like technology – un – believ – able ;
The way the world has changed even in my lifetime – amazing
Yet I am a ‘baby boomer’ ;
A child born after the second world war – when there was so much hope for the future.
Growing up in the 60s – when John Lennon said “give peace a chance”
Were we naïve or just foolish?
Our intentions were good, god knows
But now when I see what the world has become -
all the wars, starvation, what we’ve done to our planet, how some children are treated, murders, greed, – we’re still in the dark ages. We haven’t moved forward at all We’ve learned nothing.
People being famous for being famous – earning vast, huge, sums of money for doing nothing
Now it’s not only the ‘third world’ that has beggars on the streets
There is so much poverty, wars, destruction – are we never going to learn?
I think there is beginning to be a world consciousness where a minority of people are waking up
Waking up to the fact that We Simply Cannot Go On Like this
Where there will come a time when the Whole World will Implode, Explode, and Blast itself out of Existence.
I have one grandchild – a delightful gorgeous little girl of 9 months. I dread for her future.
I think we need to be individually responsible for what is going on
To make a conscious decision to become the best we can possibly be in whatever we are doing so that we can give back to those less fortunate
So that we are making our own dents in this cycle of destruction.
And how do we do this?
It’s increasingly difficult with all the negative stuff the media hands out on a daily, hourly, basis.
News of redundancies, property prices, ‘fat cat’ bonuses, - the list goes on and on.
We can’t ignore it but what we have to do is become centred, grounded – in who we are and what we can contribute in our own way.
By doing our best on a daily basis.
By giving our best to people we come in contact with on a daily basis.
A smile to someone goes a long way. Saying ‘thank you’, being polite, not pushing, shoving the next guy to get in first.
Hey I know it’s difficult.
If you’re trying to get on a train and you’re late for work the last thing you want to do is let some other guy on first.
But growling and sniping will only make you feel worse.
It’s not going to help.
Let it go
It will make you feel so much better if you do.
When you hold stuff inside the only person it hurts is you.
The other guy has gone, it won’t make any difference to his day.
And I’m not just speaking hypothetically here
I’m also talking about your past – past hurts, grudges, ‘stuff’ you’re still carrying round with you.
We only have today
We have to make it the best we possibly can
By living to our full potential each and every day.
And that starts by loving ourselves.
When you come from a place of loving yourself everything in your life works simply because you won’t allow bad things to happen to you
Why be a victim?
What you put out there you get back
Put out bad negative dark and that’s what you’ll get back
Believe that the world is horrible and it will be
Put out a smile and you’ll get it back
Put out good feelings and you’ll get them back – in spades.
Love yourself, forgive yourself,
When you love yourself you simply cannot put out bad
“do unto others” literally means what it says
As they say ‘stop and smell the coffee’!
What does that mean – stop rushing round, with your head god knows where
Look at the flowers, the blue sky - the abundance of all the good around you
Start noticing all the good around you and it will come back to you
You don’t have to struggle with this
Once you start doing it, it will become a habit – a great one
Every morning when you get up – stretch your arms out wide and say
“I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe”
“Today is a Wonderful Day I choose to Make it So”
How long is that going to take ? A minute?
Make that a habit and see how your mood and day will change.
Before you go to sleep say “today was a wonderful day and tomorrow will be even better”!
Keep telling yourself that life is good and it will be
And with that knowledge and acceptance will come wonderful amazing things in your Life.
You will find that those good habits will bring about your freedom
Freedom from doubts, worries, - you will begin to be empowered
And that way lies independence
Have A Wonderful Day

Author's Bio: 

I've been on my own personal development journey for many years, discovering, learning and studying with some of the very best experts in their fields.
I’ve always worked in a people environment helping and advising so it seemed a natural progression for me to move from that to becoming a personal development coach.
I believe very much that unless you re-programme your negative beliefs and thoughts you'll never 'move on' and that could be with relationships, weight loss, health, career, money.
Using the very powerful and effective processes of EFT, NLP, and Hypnosis, I motivate and steer people toward living the lives they want rather than what they 'should' or been told to. This gives them the opportunity to truly live the life they deserve.
I believe that what we put out there we get back and the only way to improve our lives is by ‘reprogramming’ our mindset.
The 3 greatest internal blocks people have are fear, self doubt and procrastination. When we release those we can be, do, have whatever it is we truly desire.
Like a computer when the 'hardware' isn't congruent with the 'software' no advancement can be made when we are out of sync; and it's the same with our brains. If we say one thing – and believe in our subconscious something totally, different we’ll never make the changes we think we want. Our thoughts and beliefs are what makes us tick so whatever the issue whether it’s relationships, work/career, money, self esteem, confidence; I help people look at what is holding them back and help them release those ties enabling them to go forward with whatever it is they desire. . But it can be a very painful process, the letting go, and people have to be ready and willing to make the changes. Affirmations are wonderful tools but useless without that one major ingredient – Action!
Once you take the Action, are consistent and make the commitment – YOU make it happen
With Persistence plus Confidence YOU equal Success
My greatest joy is seeing the transformation when someone releases their blocks and moves forward.