Imagine you live alone. It’s a relatively crime free neighborhood and your sense of security is justified. You’ve always felt safe in your home there’s never been a reason not too…until tonight. It’s 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night, you’re sound asleep unaware of the harrowing danger you’re about to face.

Quietly and purposely an eerie stranger enters your home through a backyard window you keep ajar. You’re a sound sleeper and you don’t hear the window being forced open or the rubber soles entering your home. The stranger holding a miniature flashlight methodically searches each room collecting items he deems valuable in an oversized black garbage bag. He eventually arrives at your bedroom door. He enters as quietly as he arrived 45 minutes earlier.

The bedroom is where we usually keep our most valuable possessions. You are no exception. Unfortunately, your jewelry is located in an ornate jewelry box on a nightstand next to your bed. The stranger methodically rifles through the jewelry grabbing and pocketing everything.

Your sixth sense is awakened by an indescribable unrest. Your eyes open slowly while still unsure of why. Immediately the intruder notices you awakening. This ain’t good for you or him. Just as quickly, you realize you’re not alone. Instantly, he realizes he realizes his problem…you. You’re more focused while coming out of sleepy haze. All at once you realize you’re not alone. You’re flooded with emotions of shock and eventual terror. Your voice fails you as you attempt to scream. The intruder snatches your pillow from beneath your head and begins to use it as a deadly weapon. He covers your face instantly and with such force that you are unable to stop him.

Instinctively, you grab for his arms in a futile attempt to throw him off of you. You’re strong but he’s stronger, much stronger. In another attempt to attack you begin to hit him with both fists. Unfortunately, his hold on the pillow does not budge. Panic sets in. The more you struggle the weaker you become. Panic begins to set in. You’re literally fighting for your life…and at this moment you are fighting to breath. Without the ability to breath you will die!

I’m guessing at this moment your focus is on your survival. Yes or yes? Okay, take a breath now. The story is over! Wake up, you’re safe!
The the hell is my point? That’s a GREAT question…and I’m glad you asked.

The punch-line, the GRAND finale is…wait for it…wait for it…COMMIT to being happy with the same amount of energy that you NEEDED to BREATH!

I remember sharing the same analogy with a close relative. He was having several difficulties in his life and he asked me for counsel. When I finished my story, he looked me straight in the eyes and said “I guess I don’t want to be happy that bad!”
The truth is, when I made the commitment to being happy, my life began to change INSTANTLY!!! No delayed gratification here. When I committed to happiness like my life depended on it…my life began to change. In fact, there’s significant change everyday, every week, every month and every year. MORE IMPORTANTLY, what will begin to happen is your personal vibration shifts….permanently which means your life changes, permanently.
At first I thought I needed to purchase a hearing aid, but in reality I heard him loud and clear. The TRUTH is Happiness is NOT a priority for a lot of people and that’s OKAY…for THEM! Not me! As my father, Ralph Norrington would say…“different stokes for different folks...and so on and so on and shu be do be do be!”
rln’s FORMULA for Happiness

2. OPEN and WILLING to embrace NEW thoughts & NEW ideas.

When you CHOOSE Happiness AS YOUR #1 PRIORITY I guarantee the following:

1. You begin to RELAX. (Take a deep breath here!)
2. You begin to TRUST everything that happens is in Devine order AND everything that happens is for your BETTERMENT!
4. You set your personal vibration more happiness.
5. TOXIC emotions (emotions that subtract from your happiness) such as anger, irritation, fear, sadness, resentment, jealously, rage, loneliness, hatred, shame, blame, hostility, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, impatience, negativity…the list is endless…will begin to LOOSE their power and eventually cease to exist in your life! Sound too good to be true? It’s true, I’m living proof!

6. Toxic emotions will be replaced with emotions that feed your soul AND attract even MORE HAPPINESS. Emotions like gratitude, joy, contentment, inner peace, enthusiasm, happiness, laughter, and the MOST important emotion of all…LOVE!

Over time, toxic emotions that decrease from your happiness loose power and eventually cease to exist in your life!
Indescribable Contentment Begins to Rock & Rule Your World! Finally, you discover begin to smile...a lot! No you’re not crazy, you’re just HAPPY! You’re happy for NO reason and for EVERY reason! People are drawn to you, they can’t help it! The light in your eyes can be seen from Pluto. You radiate LOVE and positive energy, you radiate PEACE, JOY, ABUNDANCE! Miracles begin to DOMINATE YOUR LIFE!
Remember, be patient with yourself. New thoughts, habits and behaviors take time to incubate and develop. As long as you are committed to your ultimate goal of living “happily ever after” you will succeed!

Author’s note: ALL movement is considered progress. You'll notice your path is unlike the Queen in a chess game…with the ability to move forward, backward, diagonal and sideways…ALL are labeled PROGRESS! The great news is the Universe doesn’t wear a watch!
Yes, Happiness is MORE than a feeling, Happiness is a conscious commitment.

Written with Love and Gratitude for My Journey,
Rebecca L. Norrington
Host of Reality Spirituality
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In closing: It’s a challenge to construct a BIO about “who I am” when I’m continually changing and growing with every passing day. Who I am TODAY is NOT who I will be tomorrow. Sharing the events of my life based on what what I have done is a small piece to my growing puzzle. EVERY event and EVERY person in my life has significantly influenced me, and EACH day is a welcome experience to grow further. The one constant in my life is my commitment to spiritual and personal growth. This commitment has gifted me with an endless amount of inner peace, contentment and happiness. My purpose and ultimate destiny is to share, with humor & fun, the strategies, tools and lessons, I’ve learned with as many as will listen!