Biscuits or cookies? Cookies or biscuits? Bickies or biscuits? An adorable sweet treat in the morning and evening, to go with a freshly brewed cuppa coffee or tea! Melting moments? Are you game?

Some people say 'biscuits,’ while others prefer to call them 'cookies.’ There is always a relentless bone of contention to decide which term to use for describing exactly what we dunk in our tea or coffee. Well, it looks like, there's actually a pertinent reason for the variance in the two names, which in fact does accurately represent two different types of baked goodies!

Cookies and Biscuits happen to be the best-loved sweets of all times. In terms of texture, cookies are heavy, rough on the surface, and spattered with nuts, raisins, oats, and chocolate chips. Biscuits are comparatively smooth, thick, and crispy, have reasonable sugar, and butter content.
Cookies and Biscuits usually are both baked bread, soft and hard in forms, generally preferred as snacks. There is not much of a big difference between the two. Surely nothing like writing an epic on! They are both mostly disc-shaped. Their preparation technique is almost the same. As baked products, they only vary in their ingredients. Cookies contain more of heavy, decadent ingredients. Biscuits, on the contrary, are relatively light and more like sweet crusty butter bread.


Cookies carry a lot more load of ingredients and fabulous added flavours. Cookies are lavished with oats, chunky nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, luscious cream, and cheese. The whopping measure of sugar in cookies is behind their inherent crispness and the chewiness. Cookies can famously go along with an ice cream, a simple glass of milk, or a chocolate dessert. The moist and chewy texture of cookies is par excellence.

Cremica’s impressive offerings of cookies will fascinate and pamper the cookie buffs with their supreme taste conjoined with a mind-blowing array of delicious and tempting flavours.

An outstanding assortment from the house of Cremica is available in myriad soul-stirring variants of creamy butter, crunchy coconuts, fanciful coarse and chopped nuts, and beguiling cashews, which are baked to perfection, to signify the greatest expression of contentment, pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction for its loyal base of consumers.


Biscuits are sweet baked bread made up of flour, sugar, and butter. Nowadays sugar-free fibrous biscuits are widely available, especially for diabetics and sugar patients. Savoury biscuits too have made extensive inroads into the market. They are manufactured with whole grain flour instead of the refined flour variety. Biscuits are lightly grained, crisp, and crumbly in texture. They have a thinner dimension as well. Biscuits can be accompanied by butter, jam, or cheese as a common table spread.

Cremica’s range of biscuit products is equally admirable.
The highly specialised Health range biscuits that are abundant with the nutritional values of wheat and natural fibres promote a better and healthy way of life.
Cremica crackers are lightness and crispness personified. Cracker biscuits with sprinkled seasonings of sugar, salt, and cheese form the ideal tangy snack to curtail the occasional hunger pricks.

The divine and delightful Cremica cream biscuits, enriched with luscious spreads of chocolate, vanilla, orange, and strawberry, are crafted with immense love and care to satisfy and satiate the taste buds.

Cremica Glucose biscuits are made from a creamy mix of milk and malt, with a touch of the eternally acclaimed coconut flavour, and the everlasting organic benefits of Glucose.

Cremica’s ever-lasting belief and commitment towards pure ‘Taste & Trust’ are its real sobriquet. It’s the company’s diligent endeavour to inspire customers to reach out to a fantastic and healthy experience of a Cremica product many times a day!

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