All states of mind reproduce itself in physicality. To have does not produce a state of being. When we start doing things from a place of being, then what we do, brings us things we always wanted to have. This is creation at its best form. In reality, we do not have to do anything, all we need is what are we being. If you want to be happy, start with being happy.

Deciding ahead of time what you choose to be can help produce that in your experience. If we need our mind to help us, we need to be sincere. We cannot fool our mind. While the body does something the mind does not believe, without the sincerity element the doing becomes just action with no benefit to you. Whenever the selfish personal gain factor is taken away, the mind adds sincerity to the doing.

Now this will benefit you by creating an experience that brings joy. If one needs to be happy, make another happy, if one wants anything, cause another person to have it. All that you give away, will come back to you. The fact that that you give, causes you to experience that you have it, to give away. Whenever you are being, you are creating.

This will manifest in your physical experience. Our mind makes decisions and choices from three inside levels: logic, intuition and emotion and most times from outside this area, from our past experiences that are stored in our mind. So how we approach a current situation is from the lessons we learned from a similar experience in our past, with a different set of conditions. This produces lots of inner conflicts. Emotions are just tools for us to craft our experience, not indulge in them.
These are our tools given at birth to help us navigate and negotiate life. Use them, but not stay in them. Feel it, but get over with it and move, no need to repress them and no need to press them.

By being in a particular state of being always and ahead of any situation, you create the situation and turn it from what it is, to what you want it to be. You are a creator, a powerful one, we just forget this all the time. Come into the being and not become a being from the situation. If you want to be happy, then stay happy regardless of the situation, you are in, and watch the situation turn itself around. This is the magic of life, simple, yet so difficult until you start engaging it.

Neil David Chan

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan is a spiritual thinker and a writer. He is a specialist in the area of Body-Mind-Soul aspects of life. Neil wants people to know that while body and mind are used widely, our interaction with our soul is absent. This is our ancient library and the true seat of wisdom.