What can we do when we have a friend who is truly unhappy with their life? Do we sit back and watch them self-destruct in their own situations in their lives where they seem to be oblivious to what is actually going on? Is it our position to even say anything in the first place? If we elect to say something, how receptive will they be to even hear about it? Should we be considered a true friend if we just let this all continue to happen and do nothing about it?

These may be some of the questions that arise when we see a friend who we feel is utterly unhappy with the situations and with their own lives. To change this would bring a smile to our own faces as happiness would surely set in for loved one. How do we do this without causing some sort of conflict with them and/or lose the friendship that we have worked so hard to keep.

Changing one’s own happiness is something that has to come from within. There are many reasons why someone may be unhappy with their own situations, but we cannot be the ones to change those situations to make them happier people. These individuals first have to recognize their own fate and take the initiate to want to change the dynamics of what is ultimately causing them to be unhappy.

Realizing that we cannot change the dynamics of the situations, we can be there to continue to show emotional support and continual guidance. Like I state above, these individuals have to recognize and then want to change their own situations, but we have to be supportive and offer alternative ideas to help them make changes. We can offer suggestions, be respectful, be patient, and remember that these individuals are typically emotionally drained. Reassurance is important; it provides them the idea that there is a “better place” that is within their reach and it will yield happiness. One thing for sure is that we do not stop being there as a friend based on differences of choices or outcomes in life.

Talking to and explaining to our friend that there is an alternative is one thing, but showing them so that they can see it for themselves is even better. When we explain something to our friend, they almost get the sense that it‘s just a story and it has a tendency to not be believed. On the other hand, if we can show them so that can see how it would relate to them puts this experience into perspective. Take for instance that we feel that our friend is unhappy with their job and this has caused them to be unhappy with life itself. By showing them that there are other similar organizations that have current openings, along with providing them the means of applying, this may provide them the opportunity to see that life can be better.

If we talk, be supportive, and offer suggestions that we hope are taken, hopefully, the friend or loved one will elect to make the changes that are needed to secure their own happiness. While being patient, we have to be supportive in the decisions they make while trying to offer alternative ones that they will consider. In time, hopefully they will realize that situational changes will be better as the decisions that they choose will ultimately translate to happiness.

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Helping others in many Self Help facets is something that I have become accomplished with, but only because it has become one of my biggest passions in life. Promoting happiness is a way that helps other facilitate Self Help in their own lives.

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