One of my great joys lately is getting a pedicure. This treat used to be reserved for special occasions. I had one the day before I got married and then didn't have another one until almost 20 years later.

I'm a frugal person, and out of the desire to use my discretionary income for things that I need and not necessarily for things that I want, I denied myself a regular pedicure.

My sister-in-law had such dry and cracked feet that she had to start having regular pedicures. This has cured her foot discomfort. I was happy knowing that her feet were better and that she was enjoying a monthly foot massage.

I know that some people think a pedicure is a necessary activity. They just do it whether it makes fiscal sense or not. I would not fall into this category.

My teenage daughter and I began having regular do-it-yourself pedicures several years ago. We'd soak our feet in the tub with special bath salt, clean, exfoliate and moisturize our feet. We'd pick our favorite colors and make our toes pretty. Sometimes we'd even go for the French look and would also get creative with stick-ons and color combos. Then she went off to college and I had no one to do my toes with. So, I would either go months without painting my toes, or I'd reluctantly and quickly pull out the polish and splash some on before a party or church when wearing my sandals. I mean summertime you HAVE to have pretty toenails, right?

Now, I am convinced that I should have my pedicures more often. I found a place that does a great job massaging my feet and legs and with the massage chair, I feel like I've had a nice respite from life - for only $25. That's a little more than a drop-in yoga class, so I'm thinking it's reasonable. And, it hads to my happiness factor.

Are you denying yourself pedicures because you think you can't afford them? What are you paying for movies, dinner out, wine and clothes?

Here are 10 great reasons to bring more happiness into your life with a pedicure:

1) You get to sit and have someone wait on you personally for over 1/2 an hour.
2) You get to soak your feet in warm water which feels good.
3) You can relax with a chair massage.
4) Someone else cleans and trims your toenails and feet.
5) You get a foot and lower leg massage which feels good.
6) You can read a book or magazine or play with your cell phone.
7) You can close your eyes and meditate.
8) It doesn't cost more than two bottles of decent wine.
9) Your toes will look so pretty!
10)You will be happier for at least a little while. :)

So, if you're looking to up your happiness meter and you have either not had a pedicure or rarely get them, treat yourself soon. Find a place, book it, do it. Then when you get home with your relaxed self, look at your calendar and plan when you will get the next one. If you can't afford one every month, go every other month. I often do my own toes in between pedicures. I don't really enjoy doing it myself; however, I am still frugal and saving for retirement.

Be happy. Do something sweet for yourself. Your pedicure is waiting for you!

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