The relationship between food and health has evolved a lot throughout the years. If we look back, for years, people used to eat either to sustain or satisfy their taste buds. But now after learning the importance of nutrition, more and more people are beginning to inculcate a nutritious lifestyle. The notion that states “you are what you eat” has started gaining traction.

For years, we have been told that prescriptions are the answer to our health problems, and it is not true. Our health challenges can be solved with proper nutrition, believes an ardent Nutritional Therapist and the Founder of Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic, Hanna Ormanczyk. Combining science and natural approach, Hanna provides the most innovative, patient-oriented, customized nutritional plans, based on the blood biochemical or genetic profile, which is effective and safe for everyone. Overall, Hanna brings 28+ years of holistic medicine experience to the table.

Delivering a Life-Changing Experience

When Hanna came to Canada, she already had a background in alternative medicine and natural medicine. In Canada she graduated from the College of Natural Medicine, Canadian Consilium of Natural Health, University of Humanitarian Medicine and Edison Institute of Nutrition. Being a woman, being a mother, being an immigrant, she found it very challenging for many people to use only academic medicine. She knew, how much things can be changed with the proper nutrition and lifestyle. This is what led Hanna to form her own clinic, Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic. The clinic was formed on a belief that a weight-loss program can be a lifechanging experience and the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle.

Hanna built her clinic by accommodating different practitioners such as naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, registered massage therapists, etc. She designed programs that go far beyond calorie counting, are health and vitality oriented, and offer definitive health improvement.

Hanna has been striving to leverage her industry experience and knowledge to help people maintain a perfect nutritional equilibrium in life through her clinic.

Exemplifying Empathy

Along with Nutritional Therapist, Hanna is also an Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. She specializes in Integrative Medicine, epigenetic approach, and advocating for its usage in correction, improvement, and normalization in contemporary medical practice.

Hanna is one of the very few practitioners offering these particular forms of treatment and clinical trials to investigate root causes of dietary issues ranging anywhere from weight management, nutritional tracking, and other health issues like sleep apnea, diabetes, and leaky gut.

Besides, Hanna also specializes in combating today’s issues in dietary consumption such as obesity and malnutrition with an overall success rate of 86% and climbing. She offers all of these services in person and online for anyone who needs her help. By employing an empathetic approach and recognizing the underlying personal motivations and drives of her patients to use to achieve their goals of self-betterment and personal growth, Hanna has excelled at being able to connect and empathize with all her clients.

A Take on ‘Health is Wealth’

Hanna believes that “The greatest wealth is health” is not an ordinary sentence. In it lies one of the biggest lessons of life. According to her, as people are becoming more and more advanced and their daily life is getting surrounded by more and more technology, they are not giving as much importance to their health as they need to. They are becoming less strong and are being surrounded by diseases more than ever. Heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, are just a few to name that is caused by lack of exercise and fitness activities in the daily routine. Regular physical activities can actually prevent many diseases that can occur in the latter part of age.

She mentions that the materialistic world has its impact on us. In times in which we are living, monetary wealth matters the most and it has pushed the health aspect (real wealth) to a secondary tone. “A healthy mind in a healthy body tends to work more efficiently. You live a fully-lived and disease-free life. You are stronger and fitter. You are strong mentally. It improves your sleep and betters heart health, and the list goes on and on,” she asserts.

Besides, Hanna is also of the opinion that the nutritional aspect of knowledge is very poorly covered in education. If given a chance, Hanna will make nutrition a mandatory subject topic on every educational level, starting from elementary school to medical schools.

Leveraging Technology to Build a Healthier Population

Hanna considers technology as a beautiful branch of knowledge as we can use it for better communication, have access to information with ease, make our health better, travel faster, better education system, saving our time, and many more. But she is also of the opinion that at the same time, technology is scary too. It has extremely detrimental effects that include improper work-life balance, digital media influence, weakened relations, polluted environment, damaged health, addiction, and on top of that despite the fact things have become faster with technology but still, we have become lazy and don’t have time.

Here the question arises that can we use or improve new technologies to build a healthier population?

Hanna likes to believe that technology has the potential to build a healthier population, in fact, it has already been doing that. She states, “We are living in an era of technology where with every passing day we are making new advancements in technology. So, there is no chance that this development will fall, rather it will increase at an increased pace. Truly, we need and should use these technologies to make a healthier population that will benefit humans and this planet too.”

According to Hanna, in the below ways, technology can help build a healthier population

Better Healthcare

With improved public health, each individual can expect to live a life that is more disease-free. A healthy-aging and longevity are expected to enable people to live a fuller and healthier life. It helps to keep people physically active and with early detection of diseases, they are less exposed to dangers than before.

Better Sanitation

By using technology, the right way, we can improve our sanitation system, unlike the previous old systems when diseases were much more than today.

Better Nutrition

Take control of your diet. Know what you need to eat to remain healthy. That’s the power of technology. Now each individual can have a check of his diet and what he needs to take in to cover the deficiencies.

Live Greener Lives

Build greener buildings and live greener lives. Make products that are environment-friendly and know what you need to do to keep a natural cycle neutral. Without the advancement in technology, we wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Spreading Awareness

Currently, Hanna is focusing on employing holistic healing methods to nullify the risks of ailments, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, intestinal permeability, and cancer. She aims to expand her clinic in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Hanna is passionate about building a global health awareness platform designed to serve the skyrocketing number of people battling horrific ailments triggered by genetically modified organisms and environmental toxins. She highly appreciates the notion of continuous improvement and strives to advance her knowledge of Holistic, Integrative, Functional, Frequency Medicine. Additionally, she is also a health and wellness author who aims to spread awareness about healthy eating practices among the masses. In the past years, she was featured in numerous podcasts, radio shows, interviews, and magazines. She is also the author of Leaky Gut and Histamine Resistance Cookbooks and also co-authored several Wellness Health Books.

Enlightening Emerging Leaders

In the opinion of Hanna, impactful leadership is all about empowering others by sharing knowledge. She believes that every leader should encourage sharing the knowledge they have, not only with their team members, but also with friends, peers, families, communities, or within or between organizations.

Many theories, cases, and models have influenced the current leadership strategies that can be applied to the healthcare setting. According to Hanna, the wellness and fitness industry is getting more popular with each passing day. And with popularity comes the responsibility. The role of budding women and healthcare leaders has significantly increased to raise awareness towards the health and mental aspect.

In her advice to emerging leaders who aspire to venture into the wellness and fitness industry, she says “If you are a professional whose job is to look at the physical and emotional state of people, work to expand the platform of health and wellness. Help in setting goals to achieve better fitness and health self-care goals by working with strengths and values. Listen, show deep curiosity, demonstrate kindness and seek to understand those who you work with.”

She also adds, “Have a vision of what can be achieved and then communicate this to others and evolve strategies for realizing the vision. As a leader, motivate people and be able to negotiate for resources and other support to achieve better health for those who count on you.”

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