Writing an important document is a great way to amplify your leadership, gain more authority and earn more respect. You can be a good leader if you have a charming and powerful speaking voice but to convince people who know better, who have to present your ideas in a more cohesive and indisputable manner. According to Handy, the act of writing can help you to collect, organize and clarify your thoughts so that you don’t miss any details and structure your knowledge in the most presentable way.

The Ways

Here are some ways you can amplify your leadership through writing -

  1. Know what to write - There are lots of things you can write about but if you need some inspiration, start with your meeting agendas. Follow the GAP (Goal, Agenda, Planning) style to create a great structure.

You can also write a formal email after you have made an important decision for the company. If you are looking for long term authority, try writing and structuring the policy/process documentation of your company. You may even opt to write the internal glossary of the firm.

If you are the CEO or the founder of a company, it is a great idea to write the mission and value statement of your company. It is also a good idea to write about the goals or target, create a work planning document, white papers or even blog posts on the company website.

  1. Know how to write - Knowing what to write is the first step. You also have to know how to write in a way that appeals to all the members of your organization. Identify the purpose of your writing. Make sure that you are providing value by writing down your thoughts.

Schedule a time when you can completely focus on your writing activities so that you don’t have to face any distractions. Complete the first draft as soon as possible and then edit it thoroughly. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in your document. The writing style should be clutter-free and have a proper structure.

Ask for feedback from a close friend or a trusted colleague and make any changes if necessary.

  1. Share it - Once the document is finally created, share it promptly. Don’t try to make it perfect as it is impossible. So, brace for any impact. Even if your document is good, prepare yourself to face some criticism. However, this is only the first step and with time, you will learn better. People will still respect you for taking the first step and trying to provide value to the company and all the members in it.

The act of writing is not easy. Once you realize the intensity of effect that your writing may have on the members of your organization or other people, it can seem much more daunting. After all, writing is permanent, and it holds you accountable. So, do the necessary research and stick to facts as closely as possible.


According to Handy, great leaders want to be held accountable because they believe it is the best way to be responsible. So, if you want to be a great leader and practice good leadership, work on your writing skills and don’t be afraid to jot down your ideas on a sheet of paper.

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