It’s great to have pets at home as you can spend quality time playing with them but with that, you also have to deal with the nasty pet stains which turns out to be no less than a nightmare especially if you are a working professional. Pet dander not only ruins the lustrous shine of your carpet but damages the delicate carpet fibers too. 

Most people consider per stain removal to be too easy a task and end up doing more damage than good. However, if you are struggling with the same issue and looking for feasible solutions to get rid off nasty pet stains from your pricey carpet, this article is for you.

DIY Pet Stains Removal from Carpet

As soon as you come across pet stains, blot as much as you can with towels. You can use a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid and water and apply a few drops on the affected area. Place a towel on top and let it absorb the stains as much as possible. 

At times of hurry, you might overlook pet stains that have occured a couple of days before and that’s what can harm the fibers badly. If this happens, experts offering home cleaning services in Melbourne recommends to sprinkle sufficient amount of baking soda and let it dry overnight. Once the patch gets dried the next day morning, prepare a mixture of distilled white vinegar and spray over it. It will help loosen the sticky stains and revive your carpet like new.

Apply High-Quality Commercial Pet Stains Remover

Nasty pet stains are not only unsightly but frustrating too. Imagine you have invited your guests for dinner and pet dander keeps on taunting before their eyes! Ofcourse, having invested dollars to buy a decorative masterpiece, you woudn’t want to end up demeaning your impression! 

In this situation, what you can do is buy a remover suitable for best carpet stain removal in Melboune or a deodorizer from your local store the day before throwing your house party and try treating the culprits. 

If this fails, the only solution you would be left with is none other than hiring professional carpet cleaning experts who can dilute pet stains in a jiffy using high-end eco-friendly detergents. Moreover, if you are using commercial pet stains remover, you need to check it’s composition before applying them directly on your carpet to ensure it doesn’t harm your furry friend.

Hire Vetted Carpet Cleaners to Fight Nasty Pet Odour

Pet odor is something that can demean the aesthetics of your property and create a negetive impact on guests visiting your house for the first time. If your carpet is giving off a musty odour and you have tried everything to dilute them but failed on every attempt, the best way is to opt for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne where the experts can treat musty pet odour and freshen up your carpet like before.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let pet stains seize your mental peace! Take immediate action before it’s too late. When it comes to treating pet stains, it’s better not to take the plunge alone, instead delegate the task to experienced carpet cleaners and enjoy peace of mind!

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The author is an experienced professional offering the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne using highly specialised equipment and have helped thousands of homeowners in treating pet stains from carpet by providing useful carpet cleaning tips.