Working with remote workers has its perks. It allows you to give better customer service across the globe regardless of the time zone because you have workers spread here and there. However, coordinating and making things work among all workers can prove to be challenging. In fact, research has suggested that even the best companies fail to use remote workers to their advantage.
Don’t be put down by those stats because there are things that you could do to work things in your favor. By following just three steps you will be able to overcome this hurdle.

Technology is a boon in numerous ways. In this context, it will help you coordinate better and work as a team even though you are not under the same roof. There are plenty of tools that will help you out. An intranet platform makes a lot of sense but along with that you need some online tools such as RingCentral to keep in touch and provide consistency to your clients. Other tools that you might find useful are HipChat and Google+. They will help you communicate effectively.

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There has to be contact every now and then. Though you can do most of the things through the Internet, it is ideal to come together and meet so that staff members contact each other in person. That will help you build healthier relationships in the team. When team members start understanding each other, they will deliver better.

Also, meetings can help you coordinate with everyone in one go so that the consistency stays and ultimately, the customer gets benefitted.

Don’t focus on the work hours. That phenomenon is secondary. Focus on giving them quality and pristine instructions so that everyone knows exactly what he or she is doing. The mission should be clear to everyone in the team. Also, give them the authority to engage in tasks relevant to them. When you manage the workers in this manner, your burden will lessen significantly because you won’t have to keep an eye on everyone.

Once you implement these tips, remote teamwork will become an absolute boon for you.

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Remote teamwork is an excellent idea as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Make sure you use technology right but also make sure that you encourage meetings so that the team members get to know each other. Alongside, ensure that you manage things well and be clear about what you want to focus on.

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