Despite all our precautions and the amount of care and vigilance we put in everything we do, accidents can still occur. Whether we want to or not, there are instances when we will find ourselves involved in an auto accident. What, then, are we supposed to do in this instance?

It is important that you remain calm right after the accident. Take deep breaths before you go about checking for any injuries or wounds. Have enough presence of mind to call for an ambulance and the police. The accident may be deemed as a minor one, but you should still inform the police about it.

During an auto accident, it is important to have all the facts straight, particularly when you know you will need them to file a police report and a claim for insurance a bit later. See if there are witnesses who could help out and also make a note of all the injuries that passengers and drivers sustained, as well as the damages suffered by the involved vehicles.

The outcome or consequences of the accident will be greatly influenced by the actual and immediate cause of the accident. If it happened because you were driving while you were under the influence of alcohol, you will expect to be charged with drunken driving. Claims for insurance will also be affected by this. On the other hand, you can file charges and claim for compensation for damages if it was the other driver who was under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened.

Whichever side you are on, it is important for you to have a good attorney. A DUI lawyer would be exactly what you need if you are charged for drunken driving. On the other hand, if you are injured or your car has been totaled or damaged, a personal injury lawyer is the one you should seek.

A DUI lawyer will try his best to have the charges of drunken driving against you dismissed or, if not, have it reduced. Thus, you should look for a DUI lawyer with extensive experience and a high success rate when it comes to DUI cases. Should your case be brought to trial, the DUI lawyer should be able to handle that as well.

You will be able to find an auto accident lawyer among personal injury lawyers. They provide legal representation to clients who suffered physical or psychological injury, in this case, caused by the negligent acts of another driver in an auto accident. Among the many things that a personal injury lawyer can do for you is to obtain compensation for all the emotional and physical trauma the accident has caused you as well as coverage for your medical and rehabilitation fees and the income lost from not being able to work. He will also make sure you get what is rightfully due to you when you file for claims of car insurance.

Just as you do when looking for a DUI lawyer, you should also do some research when looking for a personal injury lawyer. Look at his credentials and his performance record, which are indicators of his skills and competence as a lawyer.

Do not think you are completely defeated when you are involved in an auto accident. Just keep a level head and go to the professionals for help.

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