Hand to hand combat training is a large part of preparing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC is a mixed martial arts sports association that hosts ongoing competitions from some of the world’s highest level professional martial artists. Marts arts techniques are used from a variety of different disciplines and include moves from karate, boxing, jujitsu,muay thai, wrestling, and kickboxing, to name a few. Incorporating aspects of all of these training disciplines, fighters are allowed to use fighting and grappling moves while standing and on the ground.

History of the UFC and Hand to Hand Combat

The first UFC competitions were held in 1993. They featured an octagonal ring that is now known the world over as the UFC Octagon. Rules were minimal, and safety was not a top priority in the beginning as competitors battled it out in a race to find the best and most effective martial arts techniques to take out their opponents. The event’s defining characteristic was an eight-sided ring now known worldwide as the UFC Octagon.

Mixed martial arts have steadily increased in popularity and changed hands since the beginning. The professional fighting association was taken over by new owners in 2001, and it has since been christened the New Ultimate Fighting Championship. New rules were put in place to protect the health and safety of all participants and to increase interest for a broader range of the population. The UFC’s competitions and events are broadcast several times each year, and they can be viewed lived and on pay-per-view channels.

UFC Fighters

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s competitive participants come from countries across the globe. Most commonly participants hail from the US and Canada, Japan, Brazil, England, Holland and Russia. In order to have any hope of winning the tournament, UFC fighters need to have extensive experience in combat sports. Many participants are even Olympic medalists. Training every day for several hours, the most well known fighters include competitors like Anderson Silva, Chuck Lidell, Georges St. Pierre, Fedor Emleianenko and B. J. Penn.

Mixed Martial Arts Gear

Because of the high risk for physical injury and the hand to hand combat training martial arts techniques employed by the fighters, all participants are required to wear certain safety equipment. This includes four to six ounce gloves and, approved shorts and official kickboxing trunks. The need for regulated gear has led to several fashion In the UFC, Mixed Martial Arts fighters must wear certain mandatory equipment like 4-6 oz gloves, as well as commission approved MMA shorts and kickboxing trunks. This has spawned the popularity of several MMA specific fashion lines.

Disallowed Moves

In the UFC certain hand to hand combat training moves are prohibited. Players cannot:

•Headbutt or kick an opponent on the ground.

•Knee a downed opponent in the head.

•Strike an opponent’s spine or the back of his head.

•Eye gouging, fish hooking, and biting are also prohibited.

•Strike the groin or throat.

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