From several acts of obedience and worship, Allah causes a sign of the infinite mercy of Allah Almighty towards His slaves. He opened the doors of clemency, encouraged His creatures to achieve His reward, and invited them to draw closer to Him. Hajj and Umrah are the two best ways to attain the mercy of Allah. He hears the voice of His humans who remember Him in every situation. The person who visits the House of Allah he/she finds the Hajj virtues and secrets. Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“And (due) to Allah from the persons is a visit to the House (Holy Haram, Kaaba) - for whoever is capable to find thereto a way.” (Holy Quran: 3: 97)

Similarly, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that,

"Whoever means to complete Hajj should hurry to it; for one could get ill, his mount could be gone or he could face shortage and need." (Ahmad and Ibn Maja)

Hajj Virtues and Secrets with Purification

The Hajj virtues and secrets lead to a person towards soul purifications and then beautification. The purpose of performing Hajj is to get close to Allah through Hajj virtues and secrets. Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masood narrated that,

"Some people said to the Allah’s Prophet, 'O Messenger of Allah! Will we be asked for our performances during the pre-Islamic period? The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied, whoever is a respectable Muslim of you will not be asked, but whoever is a bad Muslim of you will be asked for his wrongdoings before and after Islam." (Sahih Muslim)

Etiquettes of Hajj to Get Hajj Virtues and Secrets

To get the Hajj virtues and secrets you must follow some etiquettes of Hajj. See below,

1. Perform Hajj with pure intentions for Allah’s sake and remember that only good deeds will be accepted in the sight of Allah.

2. Learn all rulings and vital rituals before performing Hajj because you should perform Hajj without any error.

3. Giving back the dues of people before going to Hajj.

4. Don’t use any shortcut or illegal ways to perform Hajj because Allah knows everything.

5. Don’t lose patience and tolerance in the crowd because the chance of Hajj may not come again.

So, these are Hajj virtues and secrets ways and if you want to Hajj virtues and secrets then follow the etiquettes of Hajj. Indeed, Allah will accept your Hajj.

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