At any age, in any culture, hair is a big deal. Good hair boosts our self-confidence and mood. We live in a culture where appearances matter - a lot. Hair transplantation is a big achievement done by medical science for restoring the natural hair of a person. How do we want to appear? Traditional and elegant but not fuddy-duddy. Hair transplantation technology puts a spring in your step. In hair restoration surgery, the surgeon moves hair from a hair-filled section to a thinning or balding area.
Hair transplantation technology can make a person go from oh to wow!
Hair is the best part of beauty. According to the researchers, approximately 60% of males and 10% of females become victims of hair loss.
Hair loss is a big problem. It can have several causes, including stress, diet, illness, and medications. A common form of hair loss is male pattern baldness. For many people, a hair transplant technique can help bring back what looks like a full head of hair.
The best candidates for hair transplant surgery are those who have lost their hair due to male pattern baldness or those who have progressed to class 3.
Before the procedure, the surgeon cleans your scalp and injects medicine to numb the back of your head.
This procedure is performed mainly in the following two types of methods.
Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)
Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
In the FUSS method, the surgeon removes a 6 to 10-inch strip of skin from the back of the head. Then sews the scalp closed. After that, the surgeon’s team divides the strip of removed scalp into individual grafts, each with 1 to 4 hairs.
In the FUE procedure, the surgeon’s team shaved the back of the scalp. Then, the surgeon removes the hair follicles one by one from there.
After this, both procedures are the same. After preparing the grafts, the surgeon cleans and numbs the place where the hair will go, create holes with a needle, and then places each graft in one of the holes. The processing time depends upon the size of the transplant you are getting. The operation is slightly uncomfortable, but as it takes 5 hours, it is very tolerable.
Hair transplant is the most modern technology that delivers good results within a short recovery period. Most people can return to work several days after the operation. After surgery, within two or three weeks, transplanted hair falls out that makes way for new hair growth. After four months, start seeing early stages of growth in the transplanted hairs but not fully matured at this stage. Toward the end of the period, the hair starts to thicken up.
Tips to speed up healing after the procedure,
• Keeps the transplant area moist.
• To avoid swelling, the patient should sleep at a 45 degrees angle.
• Stay away from alcoholic drinks.
• Avoid exercise and driving.
• Feed the follicle.
• Limit caffeine as it can increase bleeding.
• Avoid lifting heavy things.
• Do not wash Your Head Immediately after the operation
• Do not touch the grafts for about six-days
The ideal age for hair transplant is 25 years and above. If you get plantation surgery too young, it can look worse. For reaping the benefits of this surgery, the best time is vacations, wedding seasons, and other events where you want to look your best.
After safe surgery, hair grows for a lifetime and even can be styled, color, and cut according to desire. If surgery performs by a talented and qualified surgeon, hair transplants can look completely natural. An experienced hair surgeon can give you a thicker, fuller head of hair. The procedure is more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration products. The treatment is available for people who are unhappy with the way they look and would like the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Real hair transplantation gives us a feeling of smartness and confidence. If you want to know more details about hair loss treatment you may click.

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