Hair transplant surgery is a surgical transfer of hairs from the dense part of the head to the balding area. Almost all people of all ages are facing this problem. In order to solve this problem and get their look back, doctors have introduced many treatments among which hair transplant has exceptional publicity and success rate. It gives a high success rate and a natural look. Basically, hair transplant surgery is performed with four methods including, follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplantation, laser hair transplant, and direct hair implantation. It is a safe technique performed by doctors for many years.
Follicular unit transplantation is the older method of hair transplant surgery; it is also called follicular unit strip surgery. The doctor starts this method by shaving the head and then apply local anesthesia to numb the head. For extraction, the surgeon cuts the strip of the skin off containing hair follicles from the back of the head. This strip is dissected under a microscope to separate individual hair follicles or the grafts of hairs. When the recipient site is ready for transplantation, the doctor makes tiny incisions and replant extracted into the incision of the recipient site. Follicular unit extraction is a relatively new technique. In this method, the doctor shaves the head, leaving the hair of length 2mm. This method also takes place under local anesthesia to avoid pain during surgery. Then, the doctor extracts the hair follicles one by one from the back of the head or dense hair area with a pen-like tool called micro punch tool which has a very fine tip and places the follicles in a petri-dish. After preparing the recipient site, the doctor makes tiny incisions and replant extracted hairs into the scalps of the recipient site. It is a relatively long surgery, but it is less painful and does not leave dominant scars.
Hair transplant surgery is also performed by the direct hair implantation method. This method is also safe and does not leave scars. Initially, the doctor shaves the head off and apply local anesthesia. The extraction method is similar to follicular unit extraction. The doctor extracts the hairs individually. For this method, the doctor does not need to put the hairs in any chemical and does not need to make incisions. When the recipient area is prepared and completely numb, surgeon load hair follicles in a pen-like a tool and directly replant into the recipient area.
Laser hair transplant is another good method of hair transplantation. For the extraction of hair follicles, the method of FUT and FUE is followed, but the replantation method is different. The tiny incisions at the recipient site for transplantation are made through laser. Highly trained doctors are required to perform this method for expected results. It is an appreciated method because there are fewer chances of infection.
Among the hair restoration methods, hair transplant surgery is considered the best one. Its hair restoration process is quite natural and gives a natural look after recovery with natural hair color and texture. The success rate of this treatment is 80% to 95%. It is the safest method because patients own hairs are used and there are rare cases reported of infection and post-surgery pain. Although, the side effects and complications depend on the patient himself how carefully they follow precautionary measures. Hair transplant surgery is like a light in the dark for the people who see hair fall a nightmare.
Hair transplant surgery is the preferred treatment for hair restoration because it is safe and gives quite a natural look. Around 80% of people face this problem in their lifetime because of many factors like poor diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, and many more. Hair transplant surgery is the best treatment as it is less time-consuming and the patient has to attend fewer sessions. To get a hair transplant in Lahore, there are many qualified hair restoration surgeons but most people prefer to get it done from an experienced doctor. Those who want to know more in detail click the link

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