Hair transplant results depend on numerous factors that play a major role in successful surgery. Hair transplant is not complex, but a crucial surgery. As it had become a ubiquitous problem so it was necessary to find the perfect solution to overcome this problem. Doctors have successfully found many treatments that success rate falls between 70% to 95%. Hair transplant treatment involves harvesting, grafting, and replanting of the hair. It has different methods and every method gives results according to it. Now doctors have been practicing this treatment for years. Initially, the results were not satisfactory but after working in this field, doctors have improved and made it possible to get expected results.
Hair transplant results vary from method to method. It has two methods, including follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit transplantation is a surgical method, in which a doctor removes a strip of skin from the back of the head and dissects it to separate individual follicles or grafts with an LED microscope. The donor site is closed with stitches. Then these grafts are replanted into the scalps of the recipient. It’s a good method but it leaves a significant scar at the back of the head and sometimes the new hairs grow in patches and give an unnatural look. As it is a surgical method, there are possibilities of infection and inflammation.
The other method is the follicular unit extraction. It is a relatively less complicated method and it is non-surgical as well. In this method, the surgeon extracts the hairs from the donor site with the help of micro punch tools either individual hair or in graft form, and then replanted them into the scalps of the bald area. This method of hair transplant results better than the previous one. It does not leave any prominent scar and new hairs do not grow in patch form and give quite a natural look. This method is preferred over the previous one. If a hair transplant is performed in a combination of platelet-rich-plasma treatment, then it will give much better results because it acts as a catalyst to boost hair growth.
Hair transplant results can also vary because of some factors like the doctor you choose, the clinic you prefer, and how seriously precautionary measures you follow. The doctor is the actual game changer. It is important to choose a professional and well-trained doctor because he can perform the best surgery and from him, a patient can expect expected outcome as compared to the doctor how is not training hair transplant and perform this surgery occasionally because experience matters. Another important thing that matters in the results of this surgery is Clinic. It is also important to choose a good and well-reputed clinic. Obviously, when any clinic has a good reputation there must be something extraordinary in it. There must be advanced technology, good hygienic condition, and disciplined staff. Before stepping into any clinic, a patient must check on its reviews as well. Hair transplant results also depend on how much a patient is concerned about his surgery. Post-surgery effects are mandatory for 3 to 5 days, which should be taken care of seriously. But, if a patient will keep doing extensive exercises, regular bath, and other things like that can result in infection, inflammation, swelling, bleeding, etc. The surgery can backfire can give only 50% to 60% results which are not satisfactory.
Hair transplant results totally depend on the patient himself. Hair transplant treatments are getting better and reliable day by day so the expectations of getting expected results are also breathing. Above mentioned methods are better options with expected outcomes less complexity. If you are searching for a hair transplant in Lahore then you may click and see before & after results

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