Let me tell you about Hair Transplant, for those people who are suffering from ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA more commonly known as pattern baldness. the patient will keep an area around the back inside of the head which is not effective by the balding process this area is known as the donor region when hair is removed from the donor region and transplant to the area of thinning and baldness and keep the characteristics of area from which it came this means the hair will remain affected by the balding process in its new home and will stay on the patient’s head to the rest of the life no special medication or shampoos are needed to maintain the transplant of hair the patient will be awake throughout the transplant and will feel no pain. A local anesthetic is used similarly to use by your dentist. Once removed from the donor region each hair graft is individually prepared for transplantation and at the same time small incision made in the recipient area where the new grafts are planted. Hair graft is a naturally occurring group of hairs that can contain 1-4 hairs in each in average there are two hairs in each hair graft over 4000 hair grafts. As the transplanted permanent the design of every patient transplant must be well sorted out to ensure that it looks natural for the rest of the patient's life. What we can do is a Hair transplant we can do it for the scalp. That is the most common practice bald people come for transplantation; the young or old everybody needs this. The other reason why you could Hair Transplantsomebody who lost eyebrows and somebody who born with the set of thin eyebrows and by this method their eyebrows reconstructed, somebody had an injury on head or birth defects on the lip who have no hair on the mustache area or the beard area this transplantation provide them new hair.
Now we are discussing how do Hair Transplant works? This is the ultimate solution to hair loss in men and women. This consist of two methods:
• Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
• Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
Both these methods are successful and achieve good results with both methods.
FUT is popularly known as the “Strip method” where the strip of the skin with hair is taken from the back of the head and individual hair grafts are separated from the strip. These grafts are placed on the bald areas by making slits on the scalp almost like planting a sapling. The donor area is stitched and the donor's hair covers the scar efficiently
In the FUE method, there is no strip harvested individual grafts are taken directly from the scalp leaving small tiny gaps that faint gradually this method is earlier popularized as the “Scar less method”. Follicles are planted in the same way in both methods, this is the labor-intensive procedure, and follicles are planted individually. Body hair is used if there is a scarcity of hair on the scalp depending on the suitability of the patient.
The procedure of Hair transplant is carried out under local anesthesia, you could be in good health in this procedure if you are a diabetic or hypertensive then these conditions must be well controlled before you get this transplant. Hair should be dandruff free and active infection on the scalp you need to withhold smoking if you smoke for better results thyroid and other hormonal conditions are in a controlled state. Tiny injections are put in the donor and recipient area to numb them that makes the procedure comfortable and painless first the grafts are harvested and slits for the placement of the grafts are made according to the hairline after the graft harvesting the placement of the grafts is started you can go back home the same day and hospital admissions are generally not necessary in Hair transplant.
After the surgery it is vitally important to follow the patient care instructions provided by your surgeon, typically people return to work in two days after the Hair Transplantalthough some patients choose to be off work for longer this depends on the type of the work. The hair grafts are placed fall off in a month of the surgery new hair almost take 3-4 month to show growth this is completely the normal process and will allow the new hair to grow in his space the new hair looks fuller and natural recovery time varies among individuals final results assessed in 6 months or around a year. If you are thinking to get a hair transplant in Lahore, then you can click and read more information about it https://www.lahorehairtransplant.com/

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