Hair loss is a painful event which no one wants to face in life but these circumstances are unavoidable for some. Hair loss sufferers stay in dilemma for which hair loss treatment modality to choose or which will be appropriate for them.

When facing hair loss people often self treat the issue and try various remedies suggested by dear ones or advertised. But unfortunately most of these cosmetic products are not beneficial to control hair loss. If you want to know which treatment modality is suitable for you then it is mandatory to visit doctor for consultation where you can clear all your doubts.

During primary consultation your scalp undergoes various levels of examination followed by which the cause of your hair loss can be assessed and extent of baldness can be ruled out.

Let’s find out which treatment should be preferred when for hair loss?

Medications for hair loss:
There are 2 medications available in the market for treating hair loss:

1. Minoxidil: It is over the counter medication available as topical lotion intending to reduce the progression of hair loss and thickens the existing hairs. This is found to be beneficial for hair loss but has been found that the results could be temporary and revert back when the medication is stopped.

2. Finasteride: It is orally prescribed medication which is intended to slower the progression of hair loss and fasten the hair growth. The medication although have benefits but these could be temporary and the results relapse on stopping the medication. Including, the medications have certain side effects and is also contraindicated in women of reproductive age.

Hair transplant
Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure which is intended to treat hair loss permanently and produce natural results if performed by expert hands. Hair transplant surgery is performed by harvesting hair follicles from the donor area which are then transferred to the graft separation room for dissection and segregation of individual follicular unit. These follicular units are then transplanted at the recipient site by taking care of aesthetic hairline. The feasibility of the hair transplant procedure should be assessed during the primary consultation by examining the availability of hair density at the donor area and extent of the baldness.

Hair transplant in Jaipur has gained lots of popularity as the prevalence of the hair loss is increasing globally. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur has become very affordable due to rising competition in the hair transplant industry. There are few hair transplant surgeons in India who have successfully engraved their name under the top hair transplant surgeons of the world.

Which one is better for you?

There are certain circumstanced based on which the option for hair loss treatment is finalized explained as follows:

1. I am losing hairs but do not have bald area visible: If the patient notices the early signs of hair loss which includes falling more than 100 hairs in a day and noticing them in sink, on pillows and in comb while combing. The early hair loss needs proper observation for assessing the stability of the hair loss and to rule out the cause. Therefore, it is better to initiate the treatment with medications so as to confirm the benefit and then opt for the final shot of hair transplant.

2. I have tried everything but nothing seems to work: When you have tried every possible remedy for hair loss and nothing seem to work. Medications have been tried and still no benefit are been observed. Then it is better to opt for hair transplant procedure.

3. I am under 25 years of age: Ideally there is no recommended age to undergo hair transplant but still if you are under 25 years of age then there are chances of unstable hair loss and unpredictable rate of hair loss. Thus, it is better to wait for gaining stability to hair loss for at least 3 years for choosing hair transplant as a treatment modality. Including, at this tender age usually the cause of hair loss could be masked which could lead to unsuccessful hair transplant.

If the hair loss looks stable for 3 years then you can undergo hair transplant at that age also.

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Smeeth John is an expert author for medical content, giving contributions to the Medispa hair transplant centre as a hair transplant consultant and having more than a decade experience in writing content to different fields as a part of their passion for building an in-depth knowledge about the hair transplant cost in India