A surgical technique in which the bald part of the head is covered with hair is called hair transplant. In this procedure, a part of the head or body that is covered with hair donates its hair to a bald head. The body part that donates hair to the bald head is called the “donor site” and the bald part of the head that receives hair is called the “recipient site”. Dr. Norman Orentreich was a dermatologist in New York. Norman Orentreich got fame as the “Father of Hair Transplantation”. He was the first person who performed the experiments related to relocating hair and transplantation. He discovered that hair has the quality to maintain the properties of the part from which they have come instead of the recipient site. The traits of the recipient site were suppressed by the traits of the donor site. He named this principle “donor dominance”. This theory was formulated by Norman Orentreich in 1952 when he achieved his success in transplanting hair on the scalp of a patient by using hair on the backside of his head. This transplantation is divided into two types. The first one is Follicular Unit Transplant and the second one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).
Follicular Unit Transplant is the old method of hair transplant. In FUT, a strip of skin having follicular units removes from the scalp. Therefore this method is also known as the strip method. After the removal of a strip of hair follicles from the donor site, doctors make small holes in the scalp of the patient, and then the harvested follicular grafts are transferred to the tiny holes. Surgeons use microscopes to extract the follicle units from the strip. These grafts of follicle units contain one to four donor hairs. Then surgeons stitches up the donor site and the scar heals after 10 to 14 days. This procedure takes place using anesthesia. Due to the removal of hair strips, a big scar forms on the donor part of the scalp that is very painful for the patient. This procedure has many plus points i.e. it allows to gain thick hair only in one session. It is a long-lasting hair transplant.
FUE is the alternate for Follicular Unit Transplant. This transplant was invented by Masumi Inaba in 1988, in Japan. Follicular transfer (FT) is the second name of FUE. In FUE, hair is harvested from any part of the body or scalp and implanted on the required site. In FUE, the surgeon makes small incisions on the scalp of the patient by using any sharp tool or needle, and then follicles or grafts are inserted into the tiny holes. Manual or motorized surgical tools are also used in this transplant. In follicular hair extract, the patient does not suffer much pain because it does not involve the removal of skin from the body part. There is a quick recovery of the patient in this transplant. Transaction of follicular units during the extraction causes the failure of the transplant.
There are some similarities as well as differences between the two transplants. In Follicular Unit Transplant, the surgeon excises the part of the skin from which the follicle units to be extracted. FUT is described as strip surgery while FUE is known as follicular transfer (FT). In Follicular Unit Extract, the skin is not removed from the donor site of the body. It involves the removal of follicular units directly from the scalp. In FUE, tiny holes are made in the area of the scalp that is bald, and the same is the case with FUE. In FUE, small incisions are made on the recipient site. In FUT, the patient has more chance of high yield of hair as compared to FUE.
Both hair transplant techniques are innovative but both have their pros and cons as well. A linear scar that is left by follicular unit transplant while in follicular unit extraction, only minimal scars are formed that are hardly observed by naked eyes. Because of this advantage patients can keep short hair cuts. The timing of FUT surgery is 4 to 12 hours is shorter than FUE because it requires 10 hours or sometimes more than one day is also consumed in this surgery. Many clinics are working for hair transplants in Pakistan. Artistry and technical skills are the requirements of both hair transplants because these methods are technical. Usually, males go for such transplants as it is a productive way of hair restoration for them. If you are thinking to get a hair transplant in Lahore then you can click and read more information about it https://lahorelaserclinic.com/

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