Hair transplant is a technical or surgical method of removing hair follicles mostly from the back of the scalp and graft then on the bladed area or area with a lack of hair. These hair follicles can be taken even from another body part like in body hair transplant but grafts taken from the scalp are more successful and look natural. Most people lack hair on their heads maybe it is a genetic defect like baldness or may be due to hair fall many people lose their hairs and small bald patches appear on the head. Which look ugly o sometimes take the attention of people and lose your confidence in yourself. More and healthy hairs give a self -confidence to person and also give a nice look to his or her personality. Because of many other reasons like this the graph of people who transplant hairs is going up day by day. Not only because it is a successful procedure but also give help to raise or make cool your personality.
Most of the hair transplants are done with your existing hairs but if due to injury or some other reason your scalp is damaged then follicles can also be taken from another person and transplanted or grafted on your head. But maybe it not work for some people. This is a sensitive and careful procedure so do your own search and always choose a well-experienced doctor for transplant. Not a cowboy who plays with your skin.
Follicular unit extraction or fue and follicular unit transplant or fut are the two methods by which follicles are taken for grafting. so these two types are discussed below:
1. FUT: (Follicular Unit Transplant)
In the hair transplant, the FUT method in FUT technique, wherein a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from the donor area of the scalp, usually the back of the head. therefore, FUT is also called “strip” surgery. In this procedure whole strip is removed and then the remaining skin is sewed. Follicles are taken and by pinching on the balded area these follicles are grafted.
2.FUE:(Follicular Unit Extraction)
Plastic surgeons use the FUE technique. In the FUE process, the follicular units are grafted individually after shaving the donor area of the scalp. This procedure can be carried out by the use of surgical tools or by a doctor’s hands that are manual. This technique is often used and helpful.
There are many types of transplants
Beard hair transplant
In beard, transplant follicles are taken either by follicular unit extraction technique or by follicular unit transplant and are grafted to the beard area. This transplant is mostly done because men's thin beard gives a nice look and confidence in men’s personality. It makes them masculine.
Mustache hair transplant
In mustache transplant also follicles are taken by one of two techniques and transplanted on the mustache area. But because it is a very sensitive area always select a well-experienced dermatologist for this procedure. The popularity of mustache transplant is increasing day by day in people with less growth in that area because mustache also gives confidence and masculine appearance to men’s face.
Eye barrow transplant
Eye barrow transplant is mostly done by females with less or no hairs on eye barrows. In this also follicles are taken and then grafted. Women do this to uniform their eye barrows.
Regrowth time
Don’t care too much about your new transplanted hairs because they don’t last forever. After three weeks of transplant, they shed and then again regrow. So don’t take tension transplant is successful and you can get your dream hairs. The growth of hairs can be increased or speed up by many prescriptions taken by the advice of a doctor. Growth can also be increased by massaging your balded area because it helps follicles to grow fast. Essential oils can also be used to help the growth of hairs.
Side effects
After a hair transplant at least for 10 days don’t do heavy exercise, weight lifting, or any other practice that causes sweating for at least 1 week avoid alcohol. Don’t comb or even touch with a comb the area which receives grafts. Also, Activities like the steam room is avoided. Don’t take the stress. Do all this care to ensure rapid healing. Avoid all those activates that cause hair loss to make your transplant successful. After grafting the grafted area pop up with red dots and change in color which are temporary and heal because they are after-effects of surgery.
Neo the graft is an ultra-modern technology for the extraction method. This technology no scaring, rapid healing and recovery, less discomfort, and ensures success. If you want to know more detail,

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