The symptom that the skin is visible due to the loss of hair is called thinning hair, which is caused by the effects of hormones, malnutrition, and bacteria. There are many possible causes, such as illness.

When the hair becomes thin, the appearance becomes annoying, and it often interferes with life. Also, some causes require early treatment.

I feel that the hair on the crown has become thinner overall recently.
Suddenly the hair falls out in a round shape and it does not grow easily
For some reason, only one side of the child's head has sparsely thinned hair

Thinning hair due to illness and Hair thinning on one side

Some of the thinning hair caused by illness is familiar, such as Androgenetic alopecia, but there are also unexpected causes that cannot be imagined.
Some of the most common illnesses are: In general, thinning hair occurs partially.

Androgenetic alopecia
Male pattern baldness and is physiologically onset by the effect of male hormones alopecia by the so-called AGA is what is called.

Although it is named male, it can also occur in women, and in recent years it is sometimes called female alopecia. It is more common in men in their late 20s to late 40s and in women after menopause.

The hairline on the front of the head is thinned to an M shape, and the crown is thinned to an O shape, and hair loss basically progresses.

Alopecia areata
Alopecia areata is a disease in which hair falls out due to stress, fatigue, infectious diseases, and childbirth. Partially Mottled Honjo Hair loss is common, but in severe cases, it can be widespread and hair loss can also occur.

Hair often grows naturally within a few months, but it may recur or continue chronically.

In seborrheic dermatitis, sebum is decomposed by indigenous skin bacteria such as Malassezia, and the resulting free fatty acids are produced. It is believed to be due to the stimulation of. It often affects the scalp, but hair grows on the face, chest, armpits, crotch, etc. SeborrheaIt can occur anywhere in the area.
When it developed, it became white, yellow, grey, etc. Scales B oil A rash with (like dandruff) may occur, which may cause the hair at the site of onset to fall out and become thinner.

Unexpected cause
It is not uncommon for thinning hair to occur due to systemic illness. Due to the causes listed below, thinning hair is not partial, and the hair on the whole body including the hair tends to be thinned.

Chronic thyroiditis
Chronic thyroiditis is a disease in which the thyroid gland is chronically inflamed and the thyroid gland is impaired. It is also called Hashimoto's disease.
The main symptoms include tiredness, weight gain, slow pulse, joint pain and constipation, and hair may become thin and weak, resulting in alopecia.

Cushing's syndrome (adrenal cortex function)
Cushing's syndrome is a disease in which one of the corticosteroid hormones called cortisol is excessively secreted.

Cortisol, also called a stress hormone, is over-secreted, it becomes thinner and the walls of blood vessels will become weaker. In addition, various symptoms such as swelling of the face, obesity of the torso (limbs become thin and thin), hirsutism, hair loss, acne, and depressive tendency appear.

Guidelines and points for consultation

If you have pain, itchiness, or rash on your thinning hair, or if you have physical symptoms such as getting tired easily, you should go to the hospital soon. Also, if you are worried about your appearance and have a problem with your life, you can get an early consultation.

As a consultation destination, internal medicine is fine. When you see your doctor, be sure to tell your doctor when and where your baldness started, other symptoms, and whether you are taking any medications.

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