Hair loss treatments have instigated the hopes of people to get their former looks back. Hair fall is a ubiquitous problem. More than 80% of peoples come across this problem in their life. It is a great threat to a person’s appearance. It can occur because of numerous factors like poor diet, age, genetic and hormonal imbalance. Hair fall that leads to balding, makes people fall into inferiority complexes and destroy their self-confidence and self-esteem. In order to get rid of balding and control hair fall, doctors have introduced many treatments like medication and surgical treatment including hair transplant and laser therapy.
Hair transplant is considered the best hair loss treatment. It is preferred in extreme conditions like when the hair fall reaches the balding stage. Hair transplant is performed by two methods, the first one is follicular unit transplantation and the other one is follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit transplantation is also called the unit strip surgery method. In this method, the doctor shaves the head off and applies local anesthesia to numb the head. Then the surgeon cuts the strip of skin off from the back of the head and dissects it with an LED microscope to separate individual or graft of hair follicle. Then he will make tiny incisions at the recipient site to replant them into the scalps. This method leaves a significant long scar at the donor site. The second method is follicular unit extraction and it is preferred. In this method, the hairs are extracted from the donor site with the help of a fin nib tool called a micro punch tool. Then after making tiny incisions these follicles are replanted into the scalps of the donor site. It is a relatively less complex method. It does not leave any scar, but the patient can feel numbness at both the donor site and the recipient site. The procedures are the same, but the replantation can be done with various other methods.
Laser therapy is another recommended hair loss treatment. Laser therapy is also called red light treatment. Sometimes, dead skin cells cover the scalp and cease them from nourishing and growing hairs which also leads to hair loss. With a laser, doctors remove these dead cells and let the scalps grow hairs. Red light also provides strength and thickness to hairs. PRP is another hair loss treatment that is performed by hair transplant. In this treatment, the surgeon extracts some blood from the arm of the patient and planes it in a centrifuge for 10 minutes. Blood separates into layers according to the densities. Then the doctor injects platelets rich plasma into the scalps. It promotes hair growth. It is a safe treatment as patients' own blood is used in this treatment.
If the hair loss has diagnosed in the initial stage, it can be stopped with non-surgical methods like medication and some typical remedies. Oiling is considered as the domestic hair loss treatment and it really works. Massage with some essential oils provides strength and nourishment to the hairs and massage accelerates the blood flow in the head that promotes hair growth. Except that some over-the-counter drugs including, minoxidil and finasteride help to control hair fall. It can be taken as pills and in liquid form as well. Biotin and keratin are building blocks of hairs. The use of biotin and keratin-rich shampoo is also beneficial for hairs.
There are many hair loss treatments that are used to get thick, strong, and high-density hairs and to get rid of balding. Every human body works differently and reacts differently to every treatment. In order to get effective treatment, a person needs to study their body first. If you are going for the surgical treatment, the doctor is the one who can suggest the perfect treatment. If you will try home remedies, you will need to monitor results by yourself. To get a hair transplant in Lahore, there are many qualified hair restoration surgeons but most people prefer to get it done from an experienced doctor. Those who want to know more in detail click the link

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