Hair loss problem is faced by men and women at different age groups. There are various reasons which can trigger the problem. One such reason which people think that might be causing the problem is wearing the hat. In this topic, we have mentioned everything related to this.

Hair loss is the most common problem which people face with age. When people visit the doctor to get the treatment they generally ask what is the reason for this condition.

Well, this is true that a lot of myths and misconceptions have been linked with the subject. One of the questions that people ask is whether wearing a hat can trigger the problem? Today we are going to explore this topic so that you get to know what is leading towards this condition.

What is the reason for hair loss?

Hair loss problem can occur because of different reasons, so thinking there can be one reason this is not right. The causes of hair loss are hormonal changes, age, and genetic factors.

The most common reason is male pattern baldness which is also called androgenetic alopecia. This is experienced by men at some point in their lives. Around 40% of women and 70% of men face this condition.

Male pattern baldness occurs because the hair follicles get shrink because of the effect of the androgenetic hormone. The 2 androgens which are involved are DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and testosterone.

The change in hormones can affect the hair growth cycle and it might be possible the hair growth phase is short. However, the shedding phase remains the same which makes the hair fall out very fast in comparison to hair growth.

Does it mean wearing a hat can trigger hair loss?

The most common reasons like stress, age, hormonal changes, androgenic alopecia are all related to the changes made in the body.
Many people believe that premature baldness can be there if they wear a hat. Additionally, there is no research done on that hat can make the hair fall.

This is a myth that when you wear the hat the blood flow to the hair follicles is affected. Yes, if you are wearing a very tight hat every day then it might be possible problem is triggered.

People worry because when they take off the hat they do notice normal hair. On average every person loses 50 to 100 strands a day which might get collected in the hat.

Just make sure you notice the problem is not normal or hair fall is in excess then get hair loss treatment right away.

If wearing a hat is not the problem then what is the reason?

Like we have already told you that various reasons are there and it can be quite hard to judge what exactly is triggering the problem without consulting the doctor. This is not possible that a hat can make your hair fall out.

If the problem is very severe then the best treatment option is a hair transplant. The treatment helps in solving the problem on a permanent basis and the hair growth is also natural.

Consult the Doctor

Want to know more about the treatment then you should visit our hair doctor as they will diagnose your condition and according to that treatment plan will be given to you. So, make sure you consult the doctor at the right time.

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