Hair adds to one's beauty, enhances youthfulness and upgrades one's personality. A bald person knows better the true worth of hair. We all wish for glossy, thick and healthy hair. But the hectic lifestyle and over exposure of scalp to heat, pollution, irritant chemicals etc give rise to multiple hair problems. Hair loss is a major problem these days among men and women.

The main causes of hair loss include heredity, weak follicular structure, dandruff, scaling, scalp tenderness, hormonal imbalance, and traumatic injury, and prolonged illness, pulling habit, aggressive combing and certain medications. Premature graying is another problem. The main causes of graying are genes, stress, severe illness, worry, shock, sorrow, malnutrition and improper protein synthesis. Dull hair is the third problem.

The causes are impoverishment and exposure to harsh shampoos or styling chemicals. Dry, frizzy hair is the fourth problem. The causes are heredity, diet deficient in proteins and vitamins, sun exposure, styling products, blow drying, use of curling irons, poor usage of hydrating products, poor intake of water, hormonal imbalance etc. Another problem is limp and excessively oily hair. The causes are hormonal imbalance, illness, medication, nutritional deficiencies etc. Itchy scalp is also a hair related problem caused by dandruff, sunburn, sebaceous cyst, scalp ring worm, head lice, flaking, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculities, acne etc.

Home Remedies for Hair Care

1. Mix the juice of one lemon with the paste of the root of banyan tree and wash your hair with it. A coconut oil massage should follow the wash. This prevents loss of hair.

2. Using lemon juice for the final rinse during wash makes dull hair lustrous.

3. Massaging scalp with camphorated coconut oil removes dandruff.

4. Massaging scalp with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice also solves the dandruff problem.

5. Mix yolks of 2 eggs, vinegar and almond oil. Apply the mixture thoroughly on head and keep for 15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. This cures dryness problem.

6. Daily massage with coconut oil or castor oil or olive oil to get rid of dry, frizzy hair.

7. Mix edible oil and honey in the ratio 1:1, apply on head and keep for about 20 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. This is an effective dry hair home remedy.

8. Add 2 tablespoon gram flour to a cup of coconut milk and apply on scalp and hair. Keep for 5 minutes and then wash off. This relieves the problem of dry scalp and hair.

9. Mix apple cider vinegar and water and apply on hair 15-20 minutes preceding hair wash. This remedy will reduce dullness of hair, making it glossy and bouncy.

10. Apply a puree of carrots on hair and keep for 15 minutes. Then rinse hair with cold water. This is a remedy for sticky, oily hair.

11. Application of astringent on scalp and hair removes excess oil from oily hair.

12. Mix 1 teaspoon Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice and add the mixture to one-fourth of any herbal shampoo. Wash with it to get rid of the problem of excessively oily hair.

13. Washing with white vinegar makes hair healthy.

14. Apply cucumber puree on hair 15 minutes before wash. This imparts luster and heaviness to hair.

15. Application of a paste of Indian gooseberry on hair checks graying.

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