Hair growth ability is present in all species on earth. In human, it is a very impotent part of human growth. Growth of hair occur on every part of body expect lips, the palm of hands and soles of feet. The basic purpose of hair on the body is to provide warmth and physical protection. The hair on the skull may serve another purpose; that is beauty and sometimes gender distinction. Hair is a structure made of simple but multi-layered flat cells. Every hair is made up of a tough protein called keratin. They come out from tiny holes in the body called hair follicles. Approximately a person is born with 50, 00,000 hair follicles on whole body abbot which 100,000 follicles are found on a human skull. types of hair depend upon the structure of these follicles. People with oval-shaped follicles have curly hair and with round follicles possess straight hair.
Hair growth cycle:
This cycle or stages of growth consists of three phases. Each hair on the body is on its own stage of development when a cycle is completed, it restarts and another strained of hair starts forming. The hair physically grows from 0.5 to 1cm per month. The growth rate varies from person to person it is effected by different e.g. age, genetics, sex, health conditions, ethnicity and numerous environmental factors. Hair tends to grow slowly with the age
Anagen (growth phase):
During this phase hair physically develop. Each hair has a root made of protein. Because of blood circulation root gets nutrients and proteins which cell needs to divide. As they divide they build hair, which pushes up through the skin and can last from 3 to 7 years. The span of this phase is determined by genetics. The longer hair stays in this phase, the longer it will grow. overtime, the length of the anagen stage decreases. and the hair starts becoming thinner and weaker. to ensure a longer anagen period it is, therefore, important to have necessary nutrients in the diet.
Catagen (transition phase):
This is the transitional stage and lasts for about two to three weeks. It actually allows the hair follicles to renew in a sense. The hair follicles shrink and detach from derma lyre, cutting the hair off from its blood supply. Approximately 3%of all hair is in this phase at any given time. In this stage, hair stops growing
Telogen (Resting phase):
Telogen or shedding phase of hair growth lasts for several years approximately 3 to 4 months. Hair follicles remain inactive during this stage.10 to 15 per cent of hair of a human skull remains in this phase at any given time. During this time a new hair starts to develop, pushing the old out.

Hair colour:
Hair colour is an important part of hair growth. The colour of hair is caused by the amount of pigment called melanin. the abundance of melanin causes darker hair. the type and amount of melanin are determined by the genes. Hair colour changes with the passage of time as well as because of malnutrition.
What effects hair growth:
The speed of growing, texture, colour, condition of hair all depends on genetics. But this is not the only factor. The most common factors that affect the wellness of hair are age, diet, hormonal condition, scalp health, daily hair care routine, stress, medications and other health conditions.
• The most common problems people face during this process is
• Baldness
• Grey hair
• Un comb able syndrome Continuous hair loss
• Hair thinning
• Damaged hair

The most common reason for all these problems are malnutrition, poor diet, illness, medications, unhealthy condition of the scalp, hormonal imbalance e.g. thyroid problems
How to overcome hair growth problems.
• The main cause that affects the hair growing process is poor diet or nutritional deficiency. The intake of nutrition’s like iron, zinc, biotin, contributes to healthy grown hair. The deficiency of these cause hair thinning, falling, split ends, frizzy dry hair etc.
• Hair a problem caused by hormonal changes such as menopause or pregnancy can be resolved within 6 to 12 months. Proper medication solves the problem effectively.
• Overactive or underactive thyroid also causes hair to lose their natural growing process. That is also curable with the help of proper medical assistance.
• Taking vitamin E can make a great difference. It encourages the production of healthy sebum in the scalp and betters blood circulation that helps to maintain hair its health and colour.
• Reducing the use of chemicals on hair, avoiding over styling and heating, keeping hair hydrated, proper scalp cleaning and massage are some important advice to grow one's hair well.
Hair growth is still considered a mystery by the scientists the whole process differs from individual to individual. Most of the factors are out of our day to day control. The best advice is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know more details, click

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