Hair Falling is a common complaint among women today, there are many patients found around us on a daily basis that they lose their hair and go bald. Today we are discussing some reasons for hair loss and what could be the factor that is triggering the hair loss and how we can tackle the situation. There are many different causes of hair loss and very different types of hair loss but the most commonly seen of hair loss are of two types, first is chronic telogen effluvium. So, patients who suffer from this disease come with sudden hair loss and they very soon go bald so that is the most common cause of hair loss seen chronic telogen effluvium. The second most common cause of hair falling is pattern hair loss which is like a way slowly progressive hair loss where inpatient complains thinning of hair on their scalp there is increased visibility of scalp over time the hair do not long anymore and the scalp become visible that is the second most common cause.
First, we have to discuss the different phases of the hair falling cycle all the hair in your scalp are not growing together there are different phases of hair that the hair goes through which is known as the anagen phase which is the growing phase the catagen phase which is the phase of resorption and the telogen phase which is the resting phase and at the end of the telogen phase there is shedding of hair. So, on our scalp, a proportion of hair let say about 90% of hair follicles are in a growing phase or in the anagen phase and this phase is last from about 2-6 years and about 8-10% percent of hair care in the telogen phase or in the resting phase and this phase lasts for about 5-6 weeks the proportion of hair in the telogen phase expected to fall that’s why we say the 50-100 strength in a day is normal that many hairs are in the telogen phase and at the end of the telogen phase, we then giving new space for hair follicles to grow. The hair follicle when it is in the telogen or in the resting phase it goes up and comes more superficial in the skin and then there is a new hair that is going beneath it when that hair above sheds the new hair from below grows out so it’s a normal cycle so don’t panic whenever you losing a few hairs. So, in this condition telogen effluvium, there is sudden hair loss which is savior, so you will notice losing about 100-200 strengths of hair every day and it gets quite alarming to the certain patient and this hair loss is diffuse there are no patches no particular area which is affected more than others it is usually a diffuse hair loss. Though certain patients do complain of tampered with the session, there is a temple area that shows more pronoun thinning of hair. So, that could be one of the features otherwise usually patients complain of diffuse hair loss. We can notice balding only after at least 50% of the hair present on the scalp is shed then we can prominently notice there is hair is thinning until then you will not be able to count any type of visibility of the scalp or hair falling. so, what is the cause for this hair loss stress is the most common factor stress in the form of maybe going through an exam or undergoing weight loss in a short period of time, crash dieting or if you just recovered from an illness if you had high-grade fever either due to dengue, typhoid, or any other types of illness or if you have any nutritional deficiency or if you have hypo or hypo thyroids all these causes hair falling. Even after a major surgery if you take general anesthesia or after giving birth to a child that can also need sudden hair loss. One of the most common cause today is crash dieting using a liquid diet, losing a lot of weight in a short period of time depriving your body of protein which is a very important factor in hair growth so these can lead to sudden hair falling. so, visit a dermatologist who can look into different factors that could be causing the hair loss usually look into history to try to find out if there were any implicated factors that took place about 3 months back as a set before any stress in your life any event that could help to get this hair falling. If you want to know more detail,

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