Our hair is an indicator of health and vitality and it is also an indicator of youth. Nowadays because of the change of the lifestyles and habits with increasing stress and increasing smoking in young people which causes a lot of hair fall which causes the loose of Hair Density, when we are talking about improving the hair loss the thing we have to immediately look at is our lifestyle which is you have to make sure you are eating enough quality of good quality proteins also include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet to increase the vitamin content of your diet. There is a lot of reason hair become thin after a series of hair loss factor then this area become bold people can feel annoyed and decide to go for a transplant this rises on demand, in hair transplant techniques are fairly similar but the important aspect of decreasing hair loss, protecting the existing hair, shaping new hair accordingly and aesthetically operation must be carried out by protecting them there are two techniques that are used in decreasing hair loss, FUE the technique is a must that is used as a smart slit to open up the canals. I want to state this by using his technique people get hair back for the rest of their life and this will make them happy. What is the maximum Hair Density is possible after a hair transplant? Before the answer to baldness, there are around 80-100 follicular units in one square cm and each follicular unit consist of around 2-3 follicles and the follicular unit is also knowns as grafts. In the case of baldness up to 50% of the hair loss like somebody has 100 follicular units and he has lost up to 50% that he has come to 50 units per cm he will not be able to know that he has lost hair so after the 50% of the loss he will come to know that his volume is gone and a lot of spaces seen then he seeks for the contradict of the doctor and he will seek the treatment that means on a totally bald scalp you can plant around 50% of follicular units that means around 45-50 units per square cm then you achieve the result that will cover the bold area that will hide all those spaces for which he concern and that is good enough. So, a lot of doctors source to the patients and they try and they attempt on the demand the Hair Density much more it goes very close to the normal after a successful transplant or before they had baldness yes it is possible you can try or attempt if you cross 60-70 unit square per cm what will happen these grafts completive each other and they will not grow they will damage and we will know only after 7 months the growth is very poor. The second is when attempting in doing the Hair Density were about to two pricks very close to each other that will compromise the vascular involvement and that might causes narcosis and it will cause scarring and upon the scars, the hair will not grow so these are the problem that can happen. The third thing is to attempt more to give Hair Density on the front there will use a finite number of grafts in the particular area you should remember that we have a limited number of grafts on the scalp in one life and those grafts use to be distributed in a very plant way, so you can cover it front to back.
If you have a strong family history of baldness of your parents or your parent's immediate relatives then it possible you might have the hormones of hair loss which have treatment medicine called MONOXIDENT, this is medicine and prescribed by a dermatologist or a doctor who can examine you make sure you do not a very committal medical condition before they prescribe you this medicine a lot of new peptide-based medicine is now available to increase the Hair Density of the scalp and these give you very good improvement without any side effects and these are applied to the scalp dermatologist is the best person to guide in these days which help you the molecule the best. Taking a BIOTIN supplement or taking a rip food which is rich in iron becomes indispensable to the quality of good health. If these treatments don’t work for you then you always consider treatments such as PRP THERAPY, LOW-LEVEL LASER THERAPY, and MESOTHERAPY to decrease the hair loss of the scalp. If you want to know more detail, click https://hairtransplantt.com/

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