Long hair is every woman’s dream. Some women are just blessed with beautiful healthy hair. So, there’s no magic in it. But If you love long hair and you want to have length then you must follow here are a few tips to help you.
Following healthy hair care, the routine is a must but along with that you also need to follow this routine:

1.Get frequent trim

Getting trim may not help with hair growth, but it will help your hair from getting further damage. If you trim your hair at least once a month then it will help you to get rid of split ends and your hair can grow faster.

2. Avoid heat styling tools.

Avoid heat styling tools in your hair. It will make your hair dry, rough, and hair breakage. This will stop the growth of your hair. Make sure to use heat protectant serum on your hair before you use any styling tools.

3. Skip the daily use of shampoo

Washing your hair daily will make hair rough and dry. It also blocks the hair follicles that help in hair growth. Even if you wash your hair daily, make sure to select hydrating shampoos.

4. Add a vitamin to your routine.

As it says, for healthy-looking skin you need to eat healthily and that applies to your hair as well. If you’re not taking a proper diet then it might hamper your hair growth. Multivitamins help in hair growth, it may also help in fair skin. Vitamins like B, C, and biotin are of great help.

5. Eat the right food for your hair.

Eating habit is one of the essential parts that you should consider. Whatever you eat will naturally affect your hair, skin, and growth. Avoid junk and chemical processed food that is harmful. Take food that is full of protein, biotin, and all the organic. It will help your hair and skin to glow.

Follow these hair care routines to get beautiful long hair

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