If you've never used haematite before, or maybe you've forgotten about this wonderful stone, then the following article should spark your interest.

Haematite, also spelled hematite, is the mineral form of iron oxide. It is a magnetic stone, that is quite heavy. It is normally black, or steel coloured, but can sometimes be brown or reddish. Tumbled haematite has a lovely cool feel to it and possesses such wonderful calming, soothing energies.

Haematite is a great stone for balancing and grounding. It is normally associated with the base chakra- the centre for grounding.
Haematite strengthens our connection with Mother Earth, promoting feelings of security and inner strength. When you work with haematite any excess energies are taken down
through the base chakra and pulled down into the earth. This is particularly useful if you have been using crystals of a high vibration to stimulate the third eye or crown chakra,
haematite can literally bring you down to earth!

Properties of Haematite.
Haematite has many properties at every level of being-physical, emotional and spiritual, it can be used to harmonise all 3, as I said it's a great balancing stone!
Physically it is a great stone for regulating the blood, helping conditions such as anaemia, it is also good to treat leg cramps.
Haematite helps to support the kidneys and liver and their functions.
Haematite promotes healing in broken bones and fractures.
Haematite can be used to help people overcome addictions.
Haematite is such a wonderful balancing stone because it possess both yin and yang energies. It is excellent for people who are shy or nervous, bringing into balance their yin and yang energies and promoting self esteem.
Haematite dissolves negativity and is perfect to carry or wear if you know you may encounter other people's negativity. I always have a stone with me whenever I enter a
It is a great stone too for dissolving anxiety and creating feelings of ease and calm.
Haematite is also used in meditation to help bring about high states of concentration and focus, it enables creative, original and logical thought processes.
It is also said to aid memory function and can benefit those studying.
Because of its abilities to protect it can be used to seal the aura, this is useful when doing guided meditation or journeying work.

How to use haematite
It is a very versatile stone, available in it's polished, tumbled form or unpolished. The difference between the two is quite incredible!
Haematite is not an expensive stone to buy and it is widely available as many forms of jewellery.
The beautiful polished stones are easy to keep in your pocket, where you can roll them in your hand-particularly if you feel stressed or out of balance.
You can place stones around the house, office, or keep one in your car for protection.
A stone can be placed near you, or in your hand when you meditate.
If you have a problem that is preventing you sleeping, a piece of haematite near your bed or under the pillow can help.
In crystal healing and chakra work, haematite is used to balance the base chakra as well as send any negativity through the base chakra and down into Mother Earth.

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